“Señorita” Behind The Scenes - Part 2
Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - Señorita

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  • Aitalla Anas
    Aitalla Anas

    3:32 i'm dying😂

  • Sham Bahssali
    Sham Bahssali

    She is so silly

  • Gurken Tochter
    Gurken Tochter

    Ich bin die deutsche Kartoffel die du suchst!🇩🇪🇩🇪

  • Tamia Chambers
    Tamia Chambers

    Wait does he have freckles... OMG

  • Boba•_• Tea
    Boba•_• Tea

    I give up first I thought there not the ones now I think JUST BE TOGETHER TWT

  • Brenda Cuizon
    Brenda Cuizon

    Damn so cute kinikilig talaga ako sa dalawang to sobra 😍😍😍😍

  • Laura Terechenko
    Laura Terechenko

    My hole class is shipping Camila and Shawn we always talk about it

  • Kissa Coulibaly
    Kissa Coulibaly

    if they're friends then i can fly

  • Special K
    Special K

    1:55 Shawn Mendez has a bona

  • Rama Ibrahim92
    Rama Ibrahim92


  • XOXSamanthaPlayz XOX
    XOXSamanthaPlayz XOX

    Who watched this after watching the video of them making out?

  • sashy boo
    sashy boo

    3:04👀👀👀👀that look shawn gave her😩❤❤❤

  • Jeremy Sun
    Jeremy Sun

    dating? acting. definitely. 100%. but the hottest male and female actor "dating" news did bring attention. it was even better than Ariana and Pete's "dating". which was also fake.

  • Payal Parihar
    Payal Parihar

    Shawn Mendez just broke a whole load of hearts💔💔💔😭

  • Θεανώ Παλιάτσιου
    Θεανώ Παλιάτσιου

    Wanna marry him

  • Kylee Harwood
    Kylee Harwood

    “We’re just friends.” *As soon as this comes out, there’s hella rumors and even pictures of them kissing and stuff.* BUT THEY’RE “JUST FRIENDS”??? I DONT THINK SOOOOO

  • Tuner Of Summer
    Tuner Of Summer

    4:11 i cried for that guy T_T for fukin 10 hours

  • Nikolina Maric
    Nikolina Maric


  • Meeran Fazil
    Meeran Fazil

    Someone tell me the name of that motorcycle please

  • Chimène Rose
    Chimène Rose

    4:12 RIP

  • Its lulew
    Its lulew

    hEhE lol camilla and shawn be: “like ya we just did the lovey dovey moments in señorita” Me: was making out in a cafe part of señorita xD 😂

  • Gami Game
    Gami Game

    Shawn please respond or whatever it’s called WHY CANT YOU AND CAMILLA GET TOGETHER????!! We All Ship You Guys!! Btw The Señorita Video Is HAWWWT!!

  • Liepa Cmukaite
    Liepa Cmukaite

    U love Camila cabello♥️

  • Dayy.

    04:12 "Am i a joke to you"

  • i love kathniel
    i love kathniel

    keep it up Shawmila just ignore the bashers for the first time i ship Hollywood #pinayhere

  • Ashley Cole
    Ashley Cole

    When he fixes her makeup🤩😂

  • Emily Ray
    Emily Ray

    4:12 poor guy, just wanted a high five..

  • Ardian Dwi
    Ardian Dwi


  • Kylie Cassandra
    Kylie Cassandra

    I ship Camilla and Sean

  • Delightful Delicious Donuts
    Delightful Delicious Donuts

    I DONT CARE IF THIS IS ACTING BUT THEY ARE SO FRICKING CUTE TOGETHER LIKE IF YOU SHIP THEM TOO (btw I think it’s hilarious how they all scream together then Shawn screams and then they don’t scream back and camila says aww ITS SO FRICKIN CUTE XD)

  • Marika Senia
    Marika Senia

    Ora sposatevi e fate tanti bambini

  • Sina Hanson
    Sina Hanson

    Oh, I hope that the two tomorrow or in the next few days, when he has break from his tour, see them again .. the two said that the timing is right now so they have to see each other soon .. I do not know why so many People say that they will not see each other for a long time because they would not start a relationship if they have no time for each other .. what do you think ??

  • Smruthi Murali
    Smruthi Murali

    You both look such a cutie together 🌸 Like Jelena🙃 I wish Shawmila doesn't end like that.... 💛 Or I wish this isn't Fake🙃

  • Yağmur Eyidoğan
    Yağmur Eyidoğan

    They look so cute right??

  • Crystal Carrillo
    Crystal Carrillo

    2:14 Shawn does Camilla’s makeup awww❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • -_________-

    The scream therapy... 🤣🤣

  • Itz Gacha_Crystal Playz
    Itz Gacha_Crystal Playz

    There so cute together

  • itzMumble_pat Yt
    itzMumble_pat Yt

    What a cute couple I think they are :>

  • hahahah yeet _
    hahahah yeet _

    Her laugh after she went under his arm hahaha I love them

  • Hannah Here
    Hannah Here

    0:58 look at what Camila did to Shawn(awww)

  • Pania Hughes
    Pania Hughes

    Poor Andrew😂

  • Rinki Gupta
    Rinki Gupta

    Camelia 😠

  • Rima Hayatul
    Rima Hayatul

    I want to cry😢😥😥😥

  • Rhi McIntosh
    Rhi McIntosh

    Either Camila is super short or Shawn is like super tall😂😂

    • Weirdo :P
      Weirdo :P

      Both actually 😂

  • Kim Cassxandra
    Kim Cassxandra

    My mom use to call me Señorita because im you know im lazy😂😂

  • Kamila Mukhammadjanova
    Kamila Mukhammadjanova

    They are so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Janice Hylton
    Janice Hylton

    Cuteness overload ughh😩

  • Maggie ._.
    Maggie ._.

    Shawn : Nope im out Nope Camilla : it wasnt that bad :}

  • Applesnapp J
    Applesnapp J

    They make a cute couple

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara


  • Craig Denham
    Craig Denham

    My mans wants to: S M A S H

  • Jewel Howard
    Jewel Howard

    sooo cute they are romantic off and on set EEEKKKK I ship it even if my cousin doesn't she doesn't even like Shawn I MEAN :C

  • B.W.R.U

    0:12 ya'll see that wink right?

  • sam flo79
    sam flo79

    Wow fake motorcycle ride 👎🏽 I want Keanu Reaves ❤️ to play his part...while Shawn is singing in the background 😆

  • Beth McCann
    Beth McCann

    They are so cute together 🥰

  • alexandra sierra
    alexandra sierra

    Jaja the video is very diferent now jaja

  • Yami Herrera
    Yami Herrera


  • Torhy Maslow
    Torhy Maslow

    Devia ser legendado pra quem não entende inglês... AMO VOCÊS INFINITAMENTE 😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️

  • Michele McMurray
    Michele McMurray

    Is it just me or does Shawn love with her

  • jungkookie for life
    jungkookie for life

    "BTS by Connor Brashier".............. Um, I smell a collaboration coming here, I call it!

  • Crina Negoita
    Crina Negoita

    3:08 calls her "babe"

  • Iris & Paula Casado
    Iris & Paula Casado

    They are soo cute

  • Celdrin Cabiling
    Celdrin Cabiling

    1:30 💓

  • Erick Gonzales
    Erick Gonzales

    At 4:13 you can c the man in black trying to give shawn a high five but gets rejected oof

  • Lucy Aguirre
    Lucy Aguirre

    I really love your songs and I like you I wish I could meet you

  • chung velex
    chung velex

    Me : Siri! Tell me a joke.. Siri : Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Are just FRIENDS.

  • dung vlog
    dung vlog

    Hai bạn dễ thương quá ❤️

  • Yulia Yuliaku
    Yulia Yuliaku

    Camilla&Shawn itu TTM:Teman Tapi Mesra,TTB:Teman Tapi Bercumbu,,wooww Great,, i like it..

  • Slime Bakery Daphne
    Slime Bakery Daphne

    0:58 That hug tho❤️

  • Lauretta Okoma
    Lauretta Okoma

    1:08 "we're just friends.

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