73 Questions With Margot Robbie | Vogue
For this round of 73 Questions, Margot Robbie welcomes us in and talks about her acting career, playing Sharon Tate, and working with Quentin Tarantino.

Directed by Joe Sabia
Producer: Marina Cukeric
DP: Jess Dunlap
PM: Josh Young
Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
Post Sound: Bang World
Styling: Kate Young
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73 Questions With Margot Robbie | Vogue

  • Marianne Racho
    Marianne Racho

    Love her ❤️❤️

  • kerry boussios
    kerry boussios

    Taramosalata is delicious my friend

  • Tik Tok
    Tik Tok

    She’s my fav actress ❤️❤️🥺 (aka Harley quinn) 😂😨

  • Clair

    73 questions with Dakota Johnson please :)

  • George Badas
    George Badas

    Can you please just marry me?

  • VinnyAntoine

    So fake and rehearsed

  • Mukunda Acharya
    Mukunda Acharya

    73 q with Chris Evans 💛

  • jesile hernandez
    jesile hernandez

    Harley quinn💓😘

  • Sailor Ship
    Sailor Ship

    She is an awesome person

  • Phil Pollare
    Phil Pollare

    I am in love with her, oh my god!

  • S Hall
    S Hall

    Ohhhhhhhhhh she is so beautiful like my god!

  • ruatsanga white
    ruatsanga white

    Plis do it with keanu reeves

  • Wednesday Cherenkov
    Wednesday Cherenkov

    First celeb I think is actually cool and would want to know

  • isma lazmas
    isma lazmas

    why is she furrowing her forehead for no reason the whole video omg

  • Septimiu Olosutean
    Septimiu Olosutean

    73 questions with Alexandra Daddario!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shreyansh Rai
    Shreyansh Rai

    73 question with Calvin Harris

  • Mike

    She is awesome

  • Syazelic Asoka
    Syazelic Asoka


  • Cindy DeLotorre
    Cindy DeLotorre

    I want her makeup tutorial!

  • Julian Bobi
    Julian Bobi

    Please do either 73 questions with Tom Holland or with the guy who asks the 73 questions *PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

  • Bunnydrum Crimblefinch
    Bunnydrum Crimblefinch

    The best thing about these videos is how beautiful the people always look! Men and women alike.

  • Fahmi Qusyairi
    Fahmi Qusyairi

    Salfok sama pohon pisang disamping rumah

  • Gabriel Mena
    Gabriel Mena

    73 questions with Dwayne Johnson!

  • Gabriel Mena
    Gabriel Mena

    Is no one gonna point out how cool her front door is ?

  • Rochelle Gunawardena
    Rochelle Gunawardena

    Margot want to come to sri Lanka!!!! OmG

  • Bigdaddygabby 32
    Bigdaddygabby 32

    73 questions with Johnny Depp

  • Sofia Rodriguez
    Sofia Rodriguez

    Does anyone knows where to get that water pitcher?! Loved it

  • Lauren Cruz
    Lauren Cruz

    I want her front door

  • EmPiDi 91
    EmPiDi 91

    Beautiful and kind. A pity that she is progressive and feminazi

  • San Mood
    San Mood


  • Luke Cold
    Luke Cold

    Non creatives taking creative decisions.

  • Keoni Sattva
    Keoni Sattva

    ...ah...his Water?!

  • Mario 1337
    Mario 1337

    He ask so fast I cant even think !!

  • Mario 1337
    Mario 1337

    0:06 That smile 😍

  • Adam Greenwood
    Adam Greenwood

    Had to do a lot of the first one in the first few years of 🎤👈🏻 but two years in tennering not bad for a seven year old the Ballbreaker came out at the end of the year was fun doing all that stuff

  • David Kariuki
    David Kariuki

    This is great! How about 73 Questions with the person who asks the 73 questions🤩?

  • Jennifer Vera
    Jennifer Vera

    Love her accent. So beautiful and sweet. I love her, she was a good Harley Quinn.

  • Namdev Narkar
    Namdev Narkar

    73 questions with Ariana Grande

  • Bijan Love
    Bijan Love


  • Chaddis Gaming
    Chaddis Gaming

    this is so brutally scripted

  • Natalie Lopez
    Natalie Lopez

    I love her, shes so nice

  • Lego fruit daily
    Lego fruit daily

    Why on earth did this pop up when I was looking at zendaya in spider man

  • Ebonix33

    He Never Drank that water.

  • Theo Irving
    Theo Irving

    She’s so beautiful 😍

  • Maria Paula Pereira
    Maria Paula Pereira

    73 questions with Gal Gadot pleasee

  • Squidward Q
    Squidward Q

    Margo Robbie too boujee now

  • Kristin Deltoro
    Kristin Deltoro

    Greeeat interview.. on point with the questions! Loved it - love Margot! She seems so down to earth and mature.. it’s hard to believe she is only in her 20’s. She also seems super intelligent. Safe to same I’m a huge fan🖤

  • ThargyalKungaTV

    Hey eyes are so piercing omg its beautiful

  • Skate Crystal
    Skate Crystal

    margot Robbie, Robbie my d!k

  • Nadeera Thakshala
    Nadeera Thakshala

    Please come sri lanka.. we will welcome you kindly ❤❤🇱🇰🇱🇰

  • Neptune Ow
    Neptune Ow

    Could you do this with Elizabeth Olsen?

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han

    Not to burse anyone's bubble but 50% of the time these are not their places but Air Bnb that best matches the celebs personality and the questions are 100% pre scripted.

    • David Goldman
      David Goldman

      She owns the house though

  • Maddison Dallas
    Maddison Dallas

    73 questions with tom holland

  • Rahmæ Æ
    Rahmæ Æ

    Do 73 questions with Ellyse Perry

  • Joseph Ward
    Joseph Ward

    She so relaxed and funny I love her!!!

  • Peacies

    Harley grissom


    She's secretly Lele pons

  • Tyler

    Did homie ever get his water tho?

  • space girl
    space girl

    She is so beautiful♥️

  • Dom

    Margot Robbie is like the most beautiful person ever

  • Caleb Goforth
    Caleb Goforth

    This is what heaven will be like.

  • Ąbbý •
    Ąbbý •

    Lmfao who all thought she filled that jug to give him water? 😅

  • Акылай Ташматова
    Акылай Ташматова

    Do with Ariana Grande

  • Indrek 1L
    Indrek 1L


  • Super Batchie
    Super Batchie

    Margot's crib is amazing!

  • Disha Marium
    Disha Marium

    Hey puddin!!

  • Linda Lin
    Linda Lin

    i luv her

  • Girl from Cologne, Germany
    Girl from Cologne, Germany

    wow, so nice and sweet

  • giuliana oyola
    giuliana oyola

    73 questions with Ariana Grande,Bruno Mars and Cardi B

  • ProGengu

    Chandler Bing doors

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