Artem Lobov vs. Paulie Malignaggi | Full Fight Highlights
Video credit to Evan Zentar
Photo credit to Phil Lambert

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  • Albert Barseghyan
    Albert Barseghyan

    Looks like conor is visiting his fights no more

  • bhunep neppoho
    bhunep neppoho

    The fight was boring paulie just kept running away but artem chased after paulie

  • Cory Benjamin
    Cory Benjamin

    People saying Paulie lost and shit I can't agree. My dude Paulie tagged him repeatedly and out boxed him.

    • D X
      D X

      We found Paulie's burner page 😭😂

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee

    Yo, Paulie is a real mf* fighting here is no joke!

  • Rob Blume
    Rob Blume

    Malinaggi was robbed

  • Emanuel Pena
    Emanuel Pena

    So he won a bar fight against a sorry ass Paulie. lol.

  • robertg305


  • Bullion Boy
    Bullion Boy

    Never heard of these guys...sooooo

  • Super Man
    Super Man

    Jesus what in the fuck; I would never allow my LITERAL baby to come up in a ring like that... All the testosterone running rampid and emotions on both sides running wild... All it takes is one missed swing or elbow to knock that baby down and kill him.. fuck man .. How many times in history has shit broken out of control in rings post and pre-fight... staging rooms, halls, lockers, mid interviews sigh

  • jemmeh jake
    jemmeh jake

    So awesome to see shit like this, two straight up bad asses in their own right, who fuckin hated each other, got together, threw hands, and walked away with respect for each other, that's something we're seeing less and less of in combat sports in this trash talk hype fight era and i got mad respect for it

  • stuart douglas
    stuart douglas

    He brought his own side-piece

  • Moneyxl00

    Artem punching the air the entire time and hitting Paulie neck 😂😂😂

  • Orchaisama

    Paulie got robbed

  • Dev6Rehab

    I bet pro boxers have a disadvantage when they do bareknuckle because the defense isn't the same and they're used to gloves filling the gaps where just your hands can get through so they get hit when they aren't expecting to.

  • anatoli Cousin
    anatoli Cousin

    its obvious that artem won idk nobody else agrees with paulie

  • Future UFC champion
    Future UFC champion

    Paulie acted like the biggest douchebag in the world, he lost and even he showed at least some respect after the fight and you tell me Khabib is humble? fuck outta here

  • Marco Abruzzi
    Marco Abruzzi

    Paulie got whacked like a bitch.... he slaped artem before fight and talked too much shit on his face... I’m so happy he got whacked like a bitch

  • frompast fly
    frompast fly

    복서가 어떻게ㅜ지지

  • Ben Carter
    Ben Carter

    Artem making a career in bare knuckle boxing 🙌🙌🙌🙌 one tough SOB.

  • Richinator Salzar
    Richinator Salzar

    Its been only 2 weeks and im already having Artem withdrawals -We need the 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Christopher Danielo
    Christopher Danielo

    Artem sucks an still beat paulie an he wants to believe conor didnt drop him lmaoooo u suck paulie for real move to Jersey u lost your new york card

  • Violent Beggar
    Violent Beggar

    These guys look eerily similar.

  • Jeremy S
    Jeremy S

    Artem vs Mayweather next please.

  • whippetsarethebest

    Paulie, You forgot your balls. LOL

  • Frank Cascioli
    Frank Cascioli


  • Kai Magalianes
    Kai Magalianes

    What's the song


    Is this Artem highlights?? Hahaha

  • killa bee
    killa bee

    Imagine if Kimbo Slice was competing in FC

  • De ku
    De ku

    Coming out from retirement but he still got it against an active fighter... Good job paulie 👍

    • De ku
      De ku

      itiswhatitis 9 u mad bro? I haven’t say anything wrong... I’m gonna fuck u up bitch

    • itiswhatitis 9
      itiswhatitis 9


  • spajderuz

    Props to Paulie because he took that loss like a man!

    • mellamosean

      How so?

  • Efy Hails
    Efy Hails

    "Float in a root beer, stink like my left foot"

  • Nicholas Tarr
    Nicholas Tarr

    Artem destroyed that dude!

  • felipesixshooter

    It's hard to say either fighter is a 'winner' in this fight. Artem moves forward but doesn't land much. I'd like to see the punch stats. Couldn't have landed much more then 20 shots? Paulie backed up but landed that jab a lot. To bad he couldn't throw his right after 3rd round. Paulie took one and two. Four to Artem. 3 and 5 were close.

  • Alvin Melancon
    Alvin Melancon

    Lobov lost he got credit for missing punches

  • Gills Phone
    Gills Phone

    “I got hit with 1 clean punch all night”

  • Micha Wenzel
    Micha Wenzel

    Nur sinnloses geschwinge...

  • Roman Tamborsky
    Roman Tamborsky

    and all of this cunts fights or do anything for money i just want to fuck up floyd for free no money no fame just shove you, guy from Czech Village can knock out undefeated bitch from america becouse america is nothing the same like united kingdom just lies

  • Roman Tamborsky
    Roman Tamborsky

    and next thing fuck off system and rotten america if they don't want to see me fight you don't need to be known to defeat bitch like floyd mayweather he is a bitch

  • Roman Tamborsky
    Roman Tamborsky

    eminem he is a bitch floyd mayweather he is a bitch paulie malignaggi he is a bitch and artem lobov he is not that bad but he needs to be pushed to give best performance like with jason knight artem he would knock out paulie but he is not good to push his opponents i could defeat floyd mayweather in bare knuckle fight with no problem because my fire in hearth is still burning

  • Aeterna Preliator
    Aeterna Preliator

    Paulie broke his hand did wonder why everytime he made an angle which is hard to do being rushed like that from Lobov he never followed through with it. Its the fighter in the man not the man in the fighter. I think paulie took it and with both hands defo wouldve. Be honest' lol 💪🏼💪🏼👍🏼👊😃

  • Ill Omens
    Ill Omens

    love how fake all the beef before those fights is that's some WWE drama shit right there

  • icant c
    icant c


  • TwizTed BonG
    TwizTed BonG

    How the hell is artem hating away with that I got robbed bull he said "he grazed me and his legs tried me he got one clean hit the entire fight" STFU bro just this highlight real shows how many did conect just fine it was a one sided beat down bare knuckle boxing is nothing like quensbury rules boxing still mad love to

  • Kahele Koki
    Kahele Koki

    Credit to Paulie he actually got in there

  • Khari

    They both look similar too me I have a hard time telling them apart

  • David Moya
    David Moya

    T rex pulled it off I'll be damned

  • alexander ghanem
    alexander ghanem

    Atem becomes the G.O.A.T after all

  • jason taylor
    jason taylor

    I saw and participated in the better than that every weekend in high school 🖕🤠🖕

  • Philip Han
    Philip Han


  • wrnjpn qaz
    wrnjpn qaz

    The constant slo mo sucks. Thumbs down 👎🏻

  • C Reimroc
    C Reimroc

    Artem was more aggressive and also if the ref let them fight from the clinch I think Artem could have put him away in the third

  • lando hoth
    lando hoth

    Pualie saying he won this fight and was robbed.... artem clearly won.

  • Aeterna Preliator
    Aeterna Preliator

    Was i watching a different fight paulie took it for me like 💪🏼💪🏼👍🏼👊

    • 69birdboy

      there is no way if the ref let the clinch happen that paulie wouldve survived the fight without being ko'd

  • raphael mogannam
    raphael mogannam

    Nothing worse on this planet than highlights in slow motion.

  • Budok Klate
    Budok Klate

    At the end, "this is just business". Lol

  • Mikey Sheridan
    Mikey Sheridan

    Who the fuck was that retarded guy at the end making train noises ? Lol choooo choooo!!

  • Moe Staccs
    Moe Staccs

    Respect to both of them ...they handled they business like men .

  • Kenneth Rodgers
    Kenneth Rodgers

    What true highlights

  • JhomelmaZ HD
    JhomelmaZ HD

    Pauli won this fight honestly

  • ryanj jacob
    ryanj jacob

    Am I one of the only ones besides pauli who thought he won and artem shots didn't land as clean. Some did

  • Dankaloriginal

    He beat palie not canelo dude , amir khan seems to me like a stretch for mr.lovov

  • TMG Boxing
    TMG Boxing

    I think regular boxing has nothing to worry about

  • Mr.Mask Maker
    Mr.Mask Maker

    looks like paulie landed more shots here and rogan said he didn't land a single punch

  • alex rola
    alex rola

    Paulie reminds me of my grandma

  • Ninik Purwanti
    Ninik Purwanti

    Why didn't have gloves

  • Football Wrestling fan
    Football Wrestling fan

    Isn't this the guy who got slapped by Khabib then ran and called Connor on Khabib, who got slapped up too 😂

  • Ando Nguyen
    Ando Nguyen

    Absolute Goat

  • Roman Tamborsky
    Roman Tamborsky


  • Aman

    Im confused, why does this fight not show up on eithers record?

  • MuMu124

    Love the respect after wards

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