Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Three new stories about the future we should have seen coming. Black Mirror returns June 5th.
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Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix
This sci-fi anthology series explores a twisted, high-tech near-future where humanity's greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide.

  • That Angry Guy
    That Angry Guy

    I’m abit sad that they couldn’t release slightly more episodes than 3 but at least we are actually getting another series

  • Christian Arreola
    Christian Arreola

    Well it looks like this show went to shit only thing to look forward to now is westworld

  • hen ko
    hen ko


  • caner karaoglu
    caner karaoglu

    Jim moriarty

  • Athanasios Tsonis
    Athanasios Tsonis


  • The Outsider
    The Outsider

    Best crossover of icons since Infinity War

  • Graff TV
    Graff TV

    Three new stories? Am I the only one that saw that? So Black Mirror season 5 is 3 fucking episodes?

  • Give Tea
    Give Tea

    Was that murky

  • Tamil Remakes
    Tamil Remakes


  • panggop jio
    panggop jio

    I think this is the best series trailer I've ever seen! That tune just works perfectly

  • Efrain Saldana
    Efrain Saldana

    What is this song? It works SO perfectly! I can’t wait.

    • PeterOlds2020

      Lonely Feelings

  • Captain p0p
    Captain p0p

    Caught you reading my comment! Now click and subscribe!!!!!

  • playably

    I think this will be the best surprise of 2019 because Game of Thrones Season 8 and Avengers Endgame were big letdowns in my opinion.

  • 〉〉Benetton〈〈

    Only THREE episodes?!

  • c amore
    c amore

    Wow, good actors in this!

  • Leo Wong
    Leo Wong


  • Drewwy

    Is that Father from Far Cry 5 wtf

  • Nico Marquez15
    Nico Marquez15

    Say whatever you want. Topher Grace looks cooler with a beard and with long hair.

  • Munir Muhammad
    Munir Muhammad

    i really felt the trailer song!..LONELY FEELINGS

  • Julien Daigle
    Julien Daigle

    we dont deserve you netflix

  • Cherry Bomb
    Cherry Bomb

    Oh, I love Avengers, Falcon is the best... Wait? Hannah Montana is a new avenger? And have mortal combat??...

  • Aaron Jackobs
    Aaron Jackobs

    3 episodes?! That’s it?? I better be blown away by those 3 episodes

  • Bxlletless


  • 佐邱鸣


  • V A
    V A

    name of song????

  • Hargun Singh
    Hargun Singh

    How do u copy the link of this??

    • kommi nilsen
      kommi nilsen

      Do you see that arrow? Click on it then just click copy link

  • Zachary Swaffield
    Zachary Swaffield

    What’s the song near the beginning

  • Garnet K
    Garnet K

    Damn... I’m so hyped!! This looks dope already! I can’t wait to have more existential paranoia!!

  • Nick Cox
    Nick Cox

    I think this is the best series trailer I've ever seen! That tune just works perfectly

  • Driele Vicente
    Driele Vicente



    OMG Miley :D looking forward to see her

  • 10,000 subs without any videos
    10,000 subs without any videos

    I'm glad they're dropping a new season of Hannah Montana for us. But it doesn't really give nostalgia 🤔

  • Jade O.
    Jade O.

    Moriarty what the fuck are you doing alive

  • danepag


  • maisie mclees
    maisie mclees

    f**k yesssssss!!!!!!!

  • Emily S
    Emily S

    Omg it’s the hot priest

  • Amy


  • Djordje Cupic
    Djordje Cupic

    Everything that Netflix touches turns to shit. Black Mirror is ruined. The perfect TV Show... I wonder who suggested these "brilliant" crossovers and ideas... 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • PeterOlds2020

      What do you mean

  • cyberianrave

    Miley cyrus lmao

  • Danny Matten
    Danny Matten

    Music too loud

  • The Stars Called, They Want Their Dust Back
    The Stars Called, They Want Their Dust Back

    It’s gonna be weird seeing all these stars in a show about how the cult of the celebrity and technology and self obsession is destroying us

  • XxTheRagingGamerxX

    Don't care much for your A list actors @Netflix but the stories better be good.

  • Jihadi Jeff
    Jihadi Jeff

    Everyone's talking about the main cast But nobody is showing support for my boy Topher Grace

  • Anonymous Commenter
    Anonymous Commenter

    hell yeah

  • SweenyTodd98

    Everyone's talking about Moriarty, Falcon, and Hannah Montana but I seem to be the only noticing Eric Forman at 1:11

  • Andrus V.
    Andrus V.

    the participation of celebrities makes the series lose seriousness and intensity, is better unknown actors.

  • Thegooob95

    I love black mirror beyond comprehension. But for some reason I’m worried about this season. Am I alone? Serious question no trolling, that shits a waste of time.

  • Andy Ritchie
    Andy Ritchie

    What's the song!?!

  • D Moneyy
    D Moneyy

    its sad that directors of these new movies and shows, have to fuck everything up just to make women feel empowered ...

    • Xx_nachoprime69_xX

      How is this at all relevant to the trailer?

  • tbs311

    out of all the talented actors out there they choose that human herpe for the s5 premiere okay

  • Jeff Boski
    Jeff Boski


  • Alex H
    Alex H

    Black Mirror is this generation's version of Orwell's 1984

  • Savage Schnitzle
    Savage Schnitzle

    0:54 is that Pom klementiff

  • eitan or-shahar
    eitan or-shahar

    Only 3 episodes?

  • lunathemoon

    The girl sitting alone at lunch with her phone only hit me hard...

  • foleyisnumer1147

    You all looked into a black mirror to see this.

  • Ahmed Eissa
    Ahmed Eissa


  • Kevin K
    Kevin K

    Best Serie ever 🔥

  • Natasha Watson
    Natasha Watson

    im SO excited!!

  • 187nellybelly

    Original Black Mirror on Channel 4 UK was the best. The yankified wank with too many pop celebs is cheesy bs.

  • Massimo Amato
    Massimo Amato

    I can’t wait to see what they cooked up

  • Adith K
    Adith K

    Avengers endgame-biggest crossover of the year Netflix -Releases black mirror

  • Paranoid Dog
    Paranoid Dog

    Click cli cli tack tack tak tak, Evrywheree i look in this CommneNT Section there Are comments !!!

  • Ece Şimşek
    Ece Şimşek

    everybody is like: *im so excited moriarty and falcon are here!* and im like: *OMGG ERIC THE DUMBASS FORMAN IS HERE!!*


    Wow Moriaty is in it!

  • Olivia Roggio
    Olivia Roggio

    What song is this???

  • Channel Everything
    Channel Everything

    Name of the song?

  • Wild Leghorn
    Wild Leghorn

    Most idiotic show ever!!!

  • Thallyson Acevedo
    Thallyson Acevedo

    Eric Forman ayyy

  • bruh bruh
    bruh bruh

    Never knew black mirror was in the MCU!!

  • Get out
    Get out

    Remember that technology vine, where the guy shouts 'technology!' at the people? This justifies it.

  • kent leonhart
    kent leonhart

    Finally! A sequel to Hanna Montana.

  • alfred AB
    alfred AB

    Game of thrones end and I'm not gonna watch hbo again Hbo:hold my beer Oops wrong channel

  • Krzys Jarzab
    Krzys Jarzab

    I am so thrilled!

  • Uchiha Itachi
    Uchiha Itachi

    Bitch it's about time

  • Rebecca McCulloch
    Rebecca McCulloch

    I actually got chills watching this.

  • Do Do
    Do Do

    I don't think there is enough sex scenes

  • FieldOVision

    New season is only 3 episodes? Are the other seasons that short ?

    • Xx_nachoprime69_xX

      The first season is

  • Bhutt Boi Faart
    Bhutt Boi Faart

    I hope at least one of these episodes ends real depressing. They said they wanted to be more optimistic this season.

  • Arnold Ardianto
    Arnold Ardianto

    I wonder what the voice that repeats throughout this trailer is saying?

  • Prof. Actual Factual
    Prof. Actual Factual

    Don’t be like GoT, make more episodes

  • Dougs World
    Dougs World

    Black Mirror has like 3 - 4 AMAZING episodes .... and then the rest is just garbage.

  • Tyler Kramer
    Tyler Kramer

    3 fucking episodes are we serious???

  • xxxnaruxxx24

    Only 3 episodes. Cmon

  • strwbrybabyg245

    stop using these a list actors who are taking all the budget!! we don’t watch for them!! smh we want longer seasons!!

  • strwbrybabyg245

    only three episodes?? with all the budget you guys now have?? smh these seasons are getting shorter and shorter by the minute what a joke :(

  • Ad FLoRiN
    Ad FLoRiN

    only 3?

  • Ege Serbes
    Ege Serbes

    1:11 Isn't that the guy who played venom in spider man 3 ? People don't seem to remember him

  • Meryem Çelik
    Meryem Çelik

    Why 3 episode.. You trouble to me

  • Thomas Groff
    Thomas Groff

    Can’t tell if this is gonna be a great or complete shit

  • wick29

    Just three??????

  • Johan R
    Johan R

    3 NEW stories. USS Callister 2 and San Junipero 2 isnt new stories. Nice trolling Netflix. :p

  • Dena Marie
    Dena Marie

    Yay so excited! but boo only 3 new ones? Still can't wait! Never expected to see Miley Cyrus on Black Mirror but i'm kind of diggin' it!

    • Johan R
      Johan R

      3 NEW stories. USS Callister 2 and San Junipero 2 isnt new stories ;) Netflix is trolling us.

  • chellbie

    This looks frigging amazing!!!!!

  • leonela

    is miley cyrus the only reason why im going to watch black mirror? the answer is yes

  • leonela

    i cant wait for miley's episode

  • Rainbow 82
    Rainbow 82

    Anyone know what is the name of that song in trailer??

  • Gleeky Always
    Gleeky Always

    Only 3 episodes? I smell ending.

  • ester8a

    I just hope they don't fuck up this season just because they had bigger actors in mind.

  • Jesse Lee
    Jesse Lee

    1:13 I couldn’t agree more. Technology is great but we’re so consumed it does a lot of harm to our society

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