Blueface Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Blueface goes Sneaker Shopping at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about playing football in high school, his love of blue sneakers, and how he used to do meet and greets in Foot Lockers.
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    • Chriz Money
      Chriz Money

      +Demarion Logan chiraqchriz

    • Chriz Money
      Chriz Money

      +Boom Blah chiraqchriz

  • Israel Martin
    Israel Martin

    Does he know this isn't a song and he doesn't need to mumble? Can't understand 80% of the shit he's saying.


  • Vanessa ت
    Vanessa ت

    He speaks in messy hand writing

  • black cement
    black cement

    Mumble talk...

  • Neziahh Navarrette
    Neziahh Navarrette

    I wish I was a rapper and have all that money just for shoes

  • Eduardo Tamez Jr.
    Eduardo Tamez Jr.

    This nigga straight trash how could Kendrick find this guy

  • flysociety

    Checkout BIG KRIT EP "TDT" and Album "4 Eva Is A Mighty Long Time"🔥🔥💯💯💪💪

  • TSU.Ryoko Gang
    TSU.Ryoko Gang

    Nobody: Blueface: yeah aight


    Funniest koo nigga alive kuz got the greatest "ooohhh" of all time boah💀😂💀😂

  • huh ??
    huh ??

    Nobody: Not even the wind: Blueface: 👅🤘👀

  • R R
    R R

    Tell blueface to stop smoking he has a child

  • ladam97

    0:33 excuse me what

  • Yung Swiff
    Yung Swiff

    #RollinRiches #203 🔥🔥🔥

  • Yung Swiff
    Yung Swiff

  • Yung Swiff
    Yung Swiff

  • steve Manfredo
    steve Manfredo

    this man missed a concert in RI to go sneaker shopping with complex smh

  • Amiraaa

    “oouuu” 😭😭

  • Eli Baumbac
    Eli Baumbac

    How many times he says the word Blue

  • mattino

    "yup yup hell yea"

  • Virixial

    Fucking white people pronouncing “huarache”


    Bout to be honest I don’t know what blueface is saying😂😂

  • beyblade burst turbo furry Wright
    beyblade burst turbo furry Wright

    Blue face baby

  • Brenden Huggins
    Brenden Huggins

    He said famous CRIP but gots sum all red Jordan 4s

  • Kendall Kendall
    Kendall Kendall

    i like how in the beginning they put blue face name in red 😂

  • Greg Woods
    Greg Woods

    Where tf Air Force 1s is $90 I always get them for 80 no more no less

  • alesha adkins
    alesha adkins

    I love Blueface

  • Jakaya Hardy
    Jakaya Hardy


  • Suzette Alvarado
    Suzette Alvarado

    I love blueface

  • yungtony_21 YT
    yungtony_21 YT

    The first thing that came to my mind when I clicked on this video was yeah aight

  • Super Crunch’s Reactions
    Super Crunch’s Reactions

    This ain’t it complex

  • Sniper Dude509
    Sniper Dude509

    X goes sneaker sho- oh wait r.i.p

  • panera boi noah
    panera boi noah

    How does he speak offbeat?

  • BurntNugget

    Nobody even likes blueface

  • Jesus Cervantes
    Jesus Cervantes

    Isn’t that the one lil pump goes to


    Do G herbo going sneaker shopping next!

  • Malachi Hoyle
    Malachi Hoyle


  • Arwin Licsi
    Arwin Licsi

    song title?

  • Jaelen Adams
    Jaelen Adams

    I wish you did one with xxxtentacion

  • James Kremeier
    James Kremeier

    Blueface baby ya it

  • Cha’Ni Mosley
    Cha’Ni Mosley

    He was mumbling like the whole time

  • Beau Rohrich
    Beau Rohrich

    Who saw the clay alpha yeezys and just wanted those

  • Tommy Scully
    Tommy Scully

    Buys sneakers for bust downs

  • JJ Ass kicker
    JJ Ass kicker

    Don’t do it with bonk gang he will boonk your shit

  • Harold Gubac
    Harold Gubac


  • Constant wolf
    Constant wolf

    Bruh I get 1 pair of Shoes A year

  • Arriana Dominguez
    Arriana Dominguez

    Thats my school right there man that was hella fun that day wish i could go back to that day!!!

  • Bree TheDream
    Bree TheDream

    my baee soo finee 😋😋



  • Tiara Tonia
    Tiara Tonia

    Bap! got me dead 💀

  • valerie gray
    valerie gray

    What's up blue face I want a Ferragamo belt red bottoms and Gucci belt in a in a Ferragamo belt and and topaz a red bottoms and I wear a size 2 and I want a fossati belt and iPhone two iPhones 6 +and my address is 1007

    • valerie gray
      valerie gray

      Blue and blue face my name is braylon Williams and my address 1007 and I want to rolly 2 Chainz and I want in a Gucci shirt I want everything that you can buy

    • valerie gray
      valerie gray

      Blue face

  • Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas

    He’s so over confident

  • lil Hussein
    lil Hussein

    I like all those sneakers so it would take one hour for me to one choose a sneakers.

  • lil Hussein
    lil Hussein

    That's alot of sneakers

  • ayers dycolene
    ayers dycolene

    Great shoe , gotta have another pair !!!!…By soletrendshoe(com)

  • BallerBenny YT
    BallerBenny YT

    I Like Rapping Becasue you do less Makes sense looks like you like really like to actually do things

  • havanah

    Who the fuck is blue face

  • Roam Easy
    Roam Easy


  • Ingrid Joseph
    Ingrid Joseph

    cant understand a shit nigga sai

  • ClashWithCheddy

    Lil nas in this shit watch him buy boots head ass

  • Benjamin Burk
    Benjamin Burk

    0:48 turn on subtitles, hoorah cheese, garage cheese then buzzer door accidents

  • Ramen Noddles
    Ramen Noddles

    For 7 minutes straight I was like , ¿``what he said???’’

  • Jordan Graham
    Jordan Graham

    s u

  • fwyg. Selena
    fwyg. Selena

    ooo my baby blue fave❤❤❤😍😍

  • Amira Griffith
    Amira Griffith

    0:53 shave den hairy ass legs

  • Shlattt Yt
    Shlattt Yt

    yawl need playboi carti on this

  • Amina Yosef
    Amina Yosef

    Omg blueface's English is better than the Theresa May's

  • Camryn Moore
    Camryn Moore

    Is blueface a crip

  • GAMER 1000
    GAMER 1000

    Like Blueface comment 6ix9ine

  • Francheska C
    Francheska C

    They be taking them celebrity’s to the most expensive shoe stores cause I know at my local shoe store huaraches don’t cost no $500 🤨🤨

  • Pinsqueezebic 1
    Pinsqueezebic 1

    Who told the people that work at the stores they can start talkin?possibly one of the worse choices of shoes too.

  • Nathan Rippy
    Nathan Rippy

    Where is Connor

  • Fernando Diaz
    Fernando Diaz

    He talks like if he has shit in his mouth,

  • YoungWater

    Respect his cripping

  • Mello Mel
    Mello Mel


  • Lucifer ψ
    Lucifer ψ

    I put on subtitles and they ain’t had the language you speaking?

  • sOmE cHiLd
    sOmE cHiLd

    goddamn. I just realized how small bluefaces ears were

  • Lol

    Complex: Ay Blue so what shoes do you want? Blueface: Yes

  • Travis Film Productions
    Travis Film Productions

    Thanos goes sneaker shopping 😂😂

  • princess Tylea
    princess Tylea

    My man fine 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😥😍😍😍😥 his chain do. 😍😍😘

  • BlaDe FiRE
    BlaDe FiRE

    “Yo how many shoes you lookin to buy” Blue face “Bop”

  • Ieuan Dymond
    Ieuan Dymond


  • Kolamoose Gamer
    Kolamoose Gamer


  • Rush Speeed
    Rush Speeed

    Complex: how hard was it for you to get sneakers Blueface: it was hard but not hard you kno Viewers: uhh yeah aight makes sense blueface baby ahaha

  • Kreed Osborne
    Kreed Osborne

    Do Clint Frazier

  • MissNyoka xo
    MissNyoka xo

    Hes soo fine 😩... like dang i jus wanna... nvm 😶

  • Macmittens411

    He's got HORRIBLE Fashion sense.

  • Karina Montes
    Karina Montes

    Nice shoes

  • it’s caitlyn
    it’s caitlyn

    i can understand him more when he raps rather than talking

  • Street Paint
    Street Paint

    How he a famous cryp if he just bought red shoes

  • Karina Montes
    Karina Montes

    I didn't understand what he was saying Aight 🤣is he high or just woke up ???

  • Nancy Castro
    Nancy Castro

    *Him talking sounds like he's mumble rapping*

  • XxTentacion CONTASEO
    XxTentacion CONTASEO

    He sound like the Guy from THOTIANA 😂

    • XxTentacion CONTASEO
      XxTentacion CONTASEO

      By the way it’s just a joke 😑.

  • Justin Newton
    Justin Newton

    VERY poor episode. Literally still a kid mentality on this one.

  • Danko

    Quando Rondo next

  • Danko

    Quando Rondooo

  • Danko

    neeed Quando Rondo to do one maaaan

  • Deja'lena Milton
    Deja'lena Milton

    So he went from yea "ight" to "BOP"

  • Edward Williams
    Edward Williams

    I need a freak bitch th

  • Nur Shire
    Nur Shire

    Okay RU-my I watched it. Damn.

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