Dressing Like Disney Characters For A Day
Safiya Nygaard
So for a long time I have seen other people "disneybound", aka dress up as a disney-character-inspired-outfit. So I decided to try my hand at this style challenge and pick a disney villain and a sidekick for Tyler and I to dress up as. How do you think we did??
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Assistant Editor: Claire Wiley
Graphics: Nathan Procell

  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i appreciate you taking a little break from your tea to come watch this very unrelated, silly little video! i've always wanted to try disneybounding, so we did!! what do you think of our final outfits?? xoxo, saf



    • stephaniepost14

      I loved this video and though my husband would probably not be down to do this, my best friend may. Also, they don’t have any Peter Pan mercy either. I was able to find a tinker bell lanyard and some pins. That’s. It. They have a friggin ride for cryin out loud. I know it’s old, likely racist, and includes outdated stereotypes related to the indigenous peoples of this land, however, it would nice to get a lithography of Petey and the Darling’s flying to never land over Big Ben. I usually stop watching at that point anyhow.

    • Stubborn Sundae
      Stubborn Sundae

      Safiya Nygaard Winnie the Pooh was the cutest

    • Jessica Kissun
      Jessica Kissun


  • Siri Tumbles
    Siri Tumbles

    Why did I burst out laughing at Aflac????

  • Webs the Dutchy
    Webs the Dutchy

    Uh, the shoulder pads say... nO.


    Can you dress pakistani or indian for some days plezz

  • Barial Safi
    Barial Safi

    Can u plz try clothing from vova. Vova is a kinda like wish but better

  • Megan Mart-Kirven
    Megan Mart-Kirven

    I agree with Tyler Iago steals the show

  • Pasta Nightwing
    Pasta Nightwing

    Prince Charming is Cinderella’s prince Snow Whites prince is named Prince Florian (I’m a major disnerd sorry)

  • Stephanie Chavarin
    Stephanie Chavarin

    I already watch the real life movie of aladin

  • My Little Twinkie Dash
    My Little Twinkie Dash

    You should do one where you dress like anime characters

  • Selina Moses
    Selina Moses

    That Bernard and Bianca couple are so cute

  • Elske Bloemhof
    Elske Bloemhof

    8:06 or should I say "it's all coming full triangle" heheh amiright? #iluminati hay

  • Jenna Ponce
    Jenna Ponce

    I honestly thought Tyler looked more like tweedledee or tweedledum from the cartoon version of Alice in wonderland

  • Jenny Belandres
    Jenny Belandres

    i don't know why but when Safiya tries to steal the torch i die with laughter every single time

  • Life Is a lie
    Life Is a lie

    I was gonna say the heathers!

  • Sophie Namjesus
    Sophie Namjesus

    My favourite part is 16:10

  • Alyssa

    Prince Charming´s name is Florian ;)

  • ThymeandSpice

    I really like the thinking process of behind the choice of clothing

  • Paige O'Brien
    Paige O'Brien

    The Prince from Snow White actually does have a name! It was just barely mentioned outside of the film and wasn't mentioned at all in film. His name is Prince Florian. :D (can you tell I'm a Disney nerd XD)

  • C B
    C B

    12:20 BMC anyone?

  • Perla Plata
    Perla Plata

    Wow my name is Leslie so I was the creator or Disney bounding

  • Joz AnimeLover!
    Joz AnimeLover!


  • Amaris Wang
    Amaris Wang

    this started bc adults aren’t allowed to dress up as the characters in Disney land

  • Cecilia Rosales
    Cecilia Rosales

    Well the idea was cool and I liked the effort and combination of the 90s with the characters. But didn’t rly see the characters in the outfits. Kinda there.

  • Livikitty :3
    Livikitty :3

    *now your shoulders won’t bleed*

  • Home Phone
    Home Phone

    I think you look like a cool old lady

  • TheGammaKat

    omg as soon as the characters rolled on screen and I saw Jafar was an option at all I was so "It probably wont happen but Saf's just gotta pick that weasel man." AND YOU DID. I freaked so hard Like Wowow I haven't felt this excited in weeks!

  • Raynia Jonson
    Raynia Jonson

    Actually Snow White's Prince is named Ferdinand.

  • Emerson Caniglia
    Emerson Caniglia

    This is probably a bad idea but you should go to Universal Studio and do like a character thing there like what you did in this video.

  • Mousy101

    I think Prince Charming does have a name if you dig into the Disney archives, wasn't it Ferdinand or something weird like that? Love the video!!

  • XXXTsunamiXXX

    12:40 the best part

  • Kavya Dhodapkar
    Kavya Dhodapkar

    19:06 That guy in the right tho😂 19:13 Annndd is now following! Man!

  • stupidityUnicorn Jade
    stupidityUnicorn Jade

    Safty should have been Jasmine and Aladdin or Genie and Aladdin

  • Jayda Iordanidis
    Jayda Iordanidis

    If you got rid of the black pants and got some stylish shoes then you would look on fleek👌🏼

  • Evie Aubrey
    Evie Aubrey

    I appreciate the dragon city music in the background 16:41

  • Ethan Long
    Ethan Long

    pause and go to 16:10 🤣🤣🤣

  • Unicorn Poop
    Unicorn Poop

    I only watched a movie and theParrot parrot parrot it’s not there it’s very depressing

  • Madison Dean
    Madison Dean

    It’s funny because you said, “This is bizarre.” While standing at a bazaar

  • Cadence Tabon
    Cadence Tabon

    Balthazar brat and his robot can be a good pair. But I don’t think it’s Disney

  • ghost Unix
    ghost Unix

    No are no princess more like a shanke

  • Dr.Drake Ramoray
    Dr.Drake Ramoray

    I also love the Disney movies before 2000 ❤️

  • Hazel Grey
    Hazel Grey

    Liza Minelli lies. Prince Florian is a classy man. He's got more personality than Prince Charming (whose literal name is Prince Charming) and more lines. That may not be saying much, but he at least has an actual name.

  • Eclipse Wolfy
    Eclipse Wolfy

    You should of done Lilo and stitch!! It would of been sooooo cute!

  • Юлия Исаева
    Юлия Исаева

    Iago was just perfect and I think long skirt would have given more Jafar wibe

  • alex lawless
    alex lawless

    this is so informative

  • Liv’s Magical House
    Liv’s Magical House

    I watched the live action Aladdin and ITS AMAZING!

  • Eliza Dallamacat
    Eliza Dallamacat

    I have disney cats mickey and minnie

  • Wendy Lucero
    Wendy Lucero

    I love Saf! Go watch my video on my channel about Disneybounding! :)

  • ChimChim Chin
    ChimChim Chin

    Looked up that link on 5:28 twitter.com/davidmackau/status/1075477515202899969?s=20 or Pic.Twitter.com/KKHbEgLFyr. I think i like him better without a shirt

  • MonsterMinion10 H. A.
    MonsterMinion10 H. A.

    What's Matpat's Video that you mentioned?

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor

    Is this about disbeybounding or is this a conspiracy theory? 7:47 - 8:07

  • Andrea Noroña
    Andrea Noroña

    The 50 style bounding is mostly for dapper day, 2 weekends a year in April and November. Disney started the dress shop bc dapper day is so popular not only in CA but in Florida and Paris too.

  • Mariela Franco
    Mariela Franco

    in the store that they were shopping for a parrot there was the song envey me

  • cincoseñoritas

    I’m very curious how long this video took to edit. I loved how you eliminated characters and the way the video flowed so smoothly! Love watching your videos ❤️❤️

  • Amanda Hernandez
    Amanda Hernandez

    I loved this

  • Vitor

    Please do Alice and Cheshire Cat

  • Abby Osborn
    Abby Osborn

    Did you just refer to Christopher walken as “that guy” 😂

  • Catherine Schroeder
    Catherine Schroeder

    Tyler and I have the same shoes😃

  • Yulissa Rios
    Yulissa Rios

    Tyler does look like the Pixar ball

  • The 1
    The 1


  • Griselda Buenrostro
    Griselda Buenrostro

    You guys are hilarious 😆 I love it!

  • archaic chaotic
    archaic chaotic

    Y'all wait is that greensleeves- *W H E E Z E*

  • ave_ daunicorn
    ave_ daunicorn

    Please make this a seris

  • Embla Notits McGee
    Embla Notits McGee

    Greensleeves? :S

  • It's Hayli
    It's Hayli

    When you hit 8 million can you get a piercing, pls , pls ,pls ???

  • Jessica Kavin
    Jessica Kavin

    ER MI GERD I LOVE that blog!!!

  • Danny Cordero
    Danny Cordero

    6:05 😲i need that

  • Catherine Stone
    Catherine Stone

    My fav part: "OKAY then,,,"

  • Ranja El Bed
    Ranja El Bed

    Ugh I just love you guys and your relationship. You enjoy the same things and u got the same kind of humor it’s just so much fun watching you guys be you ♥️

  • Nouritta Chanteuse
    Nouritta Chanteuse

    When u watching RU-my to waste time but it's so surprisingly informative ...

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    *jafar, janear, jawhereeveryouare*

  • allshookup1640

    Actually Snow White’s prince is Prince Florian :) Prince Charming is Cinderella’s Prince ♥️😊

  • Cathleen Gaffney
    Cathleen Gaffney

    When she was naming Maleficents features I’m was waiting for her to say her Bat like cape

  • Rafaella Barreto
    Rafaella Barreto

    Omg! You're so smart.. even when you're funny. Love your channel 🇧🇷

  • Bri_GachaLife ;-;
    Bri_GachaLife ;-;


  • Britney Evans
    Britney Evans

    Do another video like this! ❤️

  • Starlight Potato
    Starlight Potato

    I was getting heather vibes with her outfit before I heard the people guesses XD

  • Lauren Crisafulli
    Lauren Crisafulli

    Snow White’s prince is named Ferdinand!! He has a name!! Still no personality though...😅

  • Anna Tang
    Anna Tang

    I loved this omg if this was a series I would watch the heck outta it

  • Charlotte Crouzet
    Charlotte Crouzet

    Tyler kinda look like Winnie the Pooh 🐻

  • Meghan or Megan
    Meghan or Megan

    I wanted her to be Winnie the Pooh!

  • Edith Madera
    Edith Madera

    Safiya looks like cardi b when she was little lmaoo

  • Alpin Art
    Alpin Art

    I'd personally disneybound as Peter Pan; With an olive green vneck, same colour jeans/chinos a simple belt, light brown loafers, and some sort of hat

  • Jordi Marie
    Jordi Marie

    Saw the live action Aladdin movie last night. It sucked.

  • Jordi Marie
    Jordi Marie


  • Jordi Marie
    Jordi Marie

    I once accidentally dressed like Julia Roberts in her hooker outfit from Pretty Woman. I wore a red and black silk football jacket around my waist. Blue jeaned shorts, a white tank top, black boots and my hair was in a ponytail. I didn’t know I was looking like her because at the time I hadent seen the movie. I watched it after I got a lot of comments on my outfit.

  • Karolin Kiehl
    Karolin Kiehl

    "The shoulderpads say yes" Lmao

  • Karolin Kiehl
    Karolin Kiehl

    As MatPat days: Number one, corpse germs Number two, corpse germs

  • Klmn 122
    Klmn 122

    Do a Disney bounding for a week video

  • Starr Girl
    Starr Girl

    I'm going to Disney World for the first time, and I'm disney bounding as Jasmine. You could say I'm JASSED...

  • Wolfieee

    Tyler looked liked Prince Charming though.....

  • Daisy Kitten 602
    Daisy Kitten 602

    My friend wants a Disney bounding themed birthday, I have no idea who I want to be yet but I'm excited

  • Lena Dragutinović
    Lena Dragutinović

    I mean... it doesn't really look like Jafar,like if i saw you at Disney Land i wouldn't know that you were wearing a costume

  • Kailey Turtleborn
    Kailey Turtleborn

    Baby Saf's face and pose at 2:52 is hilarious

  • Avery Hunt Rooney
    Avery Hunt Rooney

    You could have done Shan Yu and his sidekick Falcon (The bird doesn't have a name) His a villian before 2000s and clearly has a sidekick If you do another disney bounding I think you should do Shan Yu btw Mulan is my favorite movie :3

  • slidesandspoons

    the pixar ball 😂😂

  • Chat Noir16
    Chat Noir16

    OMG LOVE THE VIDEO!!❤️❤️❤️ Can you guys make this a series please ????

  • Izabel Mitchell
    Izabel Mitchell

    Who else caught the Picture of Will and Jazz from the fresh prince, Comment if you did!

  • Bella_ diamond
    Bella_ diamond

    I want to see jasmine and aladdin but that might not turn out well...

  • Olivia Nguyen
    Olivia Nguyen

    If Safiya Nagaard Maleficent (real life edition)has an partner

  • Pippa Greenhalgh
    Pippa Greenhalgh

    Please do part 2!!!

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