Former CIA Operative Explains How Spies Use Disguises | WIRED
Former Chief of Disguise for the CIA, Jonna Mendez, explains how disguises are used in the CIA, and what aspects to the deception make for an effective disguise.

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Former CIA Operative Explains How Spies Use Disguises | WIRED

  • Joe Santa Maria
    Joe Santa Maria

    Forget baseball caps and sneakers in Paris. Americans are easiest to spot. We are all fat and have perfect teeth. Wanna blend in? Lose forty pounds and don’t brush.

  • MKI Klsöqkdj
    MKI Klsöqkdj

    what does she say at 8:39 ? one of our officers...

  • Suzanne McCloud
    Suzanne McCloud

    All of a sudden I feel innocent again ... This could be fun - I’m going shopping for a completely different outfit now!

  • Food4or StarvinKids
    Food4or StarvinKids

    You lost me at the fork/knife thing

  • l cm
    l cm

    So when traveling to other countries, hide your identity so you dont become a victim and then get locked up in a foreign prison for false identity......No thanks.

  • Grifdog96

    3:29 Bull, im sure we have all seen traps

  • multifandom 666
    multifandom 666

    I was watching music and now i ended up here

  • You Need Jesus
    You Need Jesus

    What about accent?

  • Möt Crüe
    Möt Crüe

    lots of crap in that video lol

  • Kirsten Lee
    Kirsten Lee

    Plot twist she’s a young man

  • jackpixel


  • Terror

    4:10 I'm european and I do all that stuff apparently americans only do lol.

  • Gabriel Corpancho
    Gabriel Corpancho

    Ok but does she have bette davies eyes?

  • _Tera__

    The point she made about Europeans vs. Americans was so wrong though. I am European and everyone I know holds the knife while they eat on their right hand (if right handed) and smokes just like Americans.

  • DrGopta

    Europeans don't wear baseball caps either. All the action movies show the american in europe trying to blend in with his baseball cap down. I wore a baseball cap to Europe and took it off within a few minutes of realizing it was all a lie.

  • You Need Jesus
    You Need Jesus

    Women in the club wear disguises all the time. It’s called Makeup and wigs.

  • TheBigRague - Tino
    TheBigRague - Tino

    Day256: He still don't know im a man

  • Svinja

    After watching a marathon of WIRED I am now an experienced CIA agent

  • doesitmatter

    4:12 - 4:40 so im basically mix of european and american.. what a bs

  • Anindya

    All hail the killer

  • rakisyc

    "Its almost impossible to turn a man into a woman" Thailand: hold my beer

  • Youtube Freak
    Youtube Freak

    Amazing how the CIA can explain how it goes to great lengths to deceive, lie and manipulate but it’s always ‘others’ that are the bad guy.

  • Miller Blaylock
    Miller Blaylock

    I saw an ad about a backpack that easily turns into a briefcase. I thought about how useful it could be on a quick change! I think it was called the Nomadic Backpack.

  • Filed Down Productions
    Filed Down Productions

    "its almost impossible to turn a man into a woman" ok CIA, then explain traps.

  • Nikki Kelley
    Nikki Kelley


  • papatruz 1776
    papatruz 1776


  • Jeff Stringer
    Jeff Stringer

    i really wanted this to be interesting but it wasn't

  • Berleezy's Vanilla Yogurt Raisins
    Berleezy's Vanilla Yogurt Raisins

    My Instagram timeline

  • Muffinzezy Productions
    Muffinzezy Productions

    3:31 triggers liberals

  • Muffinzezy Productions
    Muffinzezy Productions

    The CIA should be ended for its crimes against humanity

  • Jacer Lolah
    Jacer Lolah

    This was an amazing video! Really enjoyed it!

  • saoe

    i a shane dawson vibe song

  • jack cawley
    jack cawley

    I see the Americans are scared about being American again

  • Isabelle Quint
    Isabelle Quint

    The guy that did the quick change is actually her son. She mentioned it in another interview

  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood

    “It’s almost impossible to turn a man into a woman.” I am now triggered.

  • Troy Bird
    Troy Bird

    So, now they have new material that helps if there are heat cameras ;)

  • Eric Rodriguez
    Eric Rodriguez

    Basically how they assassinated Kennedy.

  • Sunny Wakefield
    Sunny Wakefield

    THANK YOU !!!

  • François MENTEC
    François MENTEC

    4:11 so I must be american XD

  • Vsauce No u
    Vsauce No u

    Soooooo, extreme plastic surgery

  • Hoficad

    "Americans do this, Europeans do that"... I have never been to America, lived my whole life in Europe, and here I am apparently acting like an American 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • NORIEGA200

    Wow! Very interesting!

  • Blackout Lol
    Blackout Lol

    At the start all I could think was: OGRES ARE LIKE ONIONS ONIONS HAVE LAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Madam Lolo
    Madam Lolo

    ok but why do these people need disguises like what are they doing lmao

  • Shanski

    I think she is one of the most interesting people ive ever seen. Please have her on more.

  • Nova

    Shroud?? 4:29

  • Eclipse

    You forgot the most important thing: the way you count "three" with fingers. It cost the life of Lieutenant Hicox and all the others.

  • Aninwa Buachie
    Aninwa Buachie

    Being undercover must be so exciting yet an adrenaline rush

  • melonemann

    Ogres are like disguises. They have layers

  • smithraymond09029

    Everybody knows the best disguise is a pair of Groucho Marx glasses.

  • sapphire divine
    sapphire divine

    so there are still spies in this day in age?

  • WatDaMattaForYou

    Are you wearing a disguise, lady?

  • Darby Heavey
    Darby Heavey

    Should you really be discussing this at all? What ever happen to quiet professionals?

  • goodchessactor

    I was CIA for 3 years and I never heard about a disguise department. Then again it was the famous "need to know" that applied.

  • ARNGcandy

    I have multiple personalities so...! - true story.

    • Hyrr Oswald Noon
      Hyrr Oswald Noon

      One of your personalities owes me $20.

  • Jake Leatherwood
    Jake Leatherwood

    She said it...CAN'T TURN A MAN INTO A WOMAN! Somewhere Bruce Jenner is boxing up his Caitlyn disguise to return it back to Amazon for refund, while almost all the ladyboy's in Southeast Asia know the transgender secret to Sucsess.

  • Jake Leatherwood
    Jake Leatherwood

    Be unassuming and forgettable. One of those disguises reminds me of Fletch

  • hulk sterr
    hulk sterr

    Why would u give this information , if u r Cia , why would you tell everyone what u do. It's stupid to tell your secrets . Wow.

  • Brad Bunker
    Brad Bunker

    That women to old man disguise looks horrible I think most people would be like wtf is up with that guy. Also the guy at the end doesnt look like someone who wears tank tops he has no color on his shoulders or neck. That being said she does a decent job of looking like donald trump

  • Alysia Mer David-Wasser
    Alysia Mer David-Wasser

    That's kinda scary: "It was THEIR fault." You escaped, or they lost you. Either way, the goal was accomplished, so why add BLAME? Would their* spies be FIRED? Are we the only nation who has used "quick change"? Do WE fire Spies bc THEY lost a tail? 😉 Surely there aren't perfectly good spies getting fired over that?😂😂✌💗

    • 0Asterite0

      If you escape by running away and they see you running, they'd know which direction you're moving in and possibly get backup to search for you more. If they believe they lost you, they change their approach.

  • Brad Bunker
    Brad Bunker

    She looks like shes 3/4 of the way into her donald trump disguise

  • NeickhaSuPRA

    The hair looks so fake

  • Elvia Giron
    Elvia Giron

    Falsas foto y también falsos el que las subio

  • chellya2004

    waa should have mentioned about John Chambers as well, the man behind Planet of the Apes make ups who assisted CIA with disguise masks!

  • Operation Chicago
    Operation Chicago

    This woman should get into politics, we would actually have someone smart

  • LPempty

    Boi attracting so much attention changing smh

  • Run With Scizzors
    Run With Scizzors

    I'd like to know more differences between Europeans and Americans.

  • Joseph Edwards
    Joseph Edwards

    Wow. Let's be a lil more vague

  • Unicorn Haze
    Unicorn Haze

    Yea shes realy a 30 yeah old black man...she good

  • Khilafah BAQ1YA bi iz nil lah Saadedeenaustrali
    Khilafah BAQ1YA bi iz nil lah Saadedeenaustrali

    Looooooooool under the feet of the mujahideen! Full stop

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