Gamer Etika Reported Missing After Posting Apology Video
Inside Edition
A popular gamer was reported missing and his family is worrying about his safety. The New York City Police Department says Desmond Amofah, 29, known online as Etika, hasn't been seen or heard from since posting an 8-minute video apologizing to his viewers. The NYPD says officers were called to Etika's home in Brooklyn earlier this year after he posted tweets that were considered disturbing.'s Mara Montalbano has more.

  • Duplo D3s3rt
    Duplo D3s3rt

    Inside edition is just doing this to cash off just like e news

  • Roblox Craze
    Roblox Craze

    It’s over😭😭😭

  • ahab marab
    ahab marab

    anyone know why he posted the apology video? it sounds like he did something really bad

  • Fred Drew
    Fred Drew

    IM GLAD...…...…………. LOL

    • Fred Drew
      Fred Drew

      look at him...………….a pathetic troll hahahaha lmfbo

    • 1k Subs with no family
      1k Subs with no family


  • P1nto

    Rest in peace ❤️

  • Sparkz YT
    Sparkz YT

    He killed himself😭

  • adam abouzeid
    adam abouzeid

    I would do anything to get him back he was like apart of my life

  • FloppiFlop


  • lost lost
    lost lost

    R.i.p you will be missed

  • FatNinja Flip
    FatNinja Flip

    Isacc Kappy style video creepy

  • Albert Gonzalez
    Albert Gonzalez

    Rest In piece Etika you will never be forgotten for how you impacted RU-my

  • Trin A
    Trin A

    Rip ❤️

  • yeetblade69

    Im from the future and i have to break the news that etika has passed away

  • Snowguy Playz
    Snowguy Playz

    I think His body was found in the ocean

  • Aylivia Byrd
    Aylivia Byrd

    Rip etika 🙏🏾

  • TheHoodiee

    Rest in peace my man.

  • Catalonya


    • Luna Light
      Luna Light


  • AnMar SeMar
    AnMar SeMar

    The reaction meme is missing no!!!!!!

  • Jah

    Rip Desmond Aka Etika Love u man And your videos and when we played Minecraft

  • YoursTruly #Devine
    YoursTruly #Devine

    Rest in paradise bro

  • Deja

    Rip love never forgotten

  • Lilly Eatsbananas
    Lilly Eatsbananas

    God bless you Etika, I hope you find peace and closure and is safe somewhere...

  • its_SoulYT ,
    its_SoulYT ,


  • gustavo acosta
    gustavo acosta


  • Mia B
    Mia B

    Rest in peace bro. Even tho I never heard of or watched you before, you made many people smile with your amazing personality. LLE 💕

  • Elijah Resus
    Elijah Resus

    Rip Etika (Desmond) we love you

  • Wendy .-. Heredia
    Wendy .-. Heredia

    He didn’t die he posted something on Snapchat that he’s alive

    • Purple_Smart〈3

      @Keilaya Pryor he's lying. He's just being disrespectful

    • Wendy .-. Heredia
      Wendy .-. Heredia

      Keilaya Pryor I don’t really kno

    • Keilaya Pryor
      Keilaya Pryor

      Wendy Gacha Heredia u sure ?

  • riah.nv.


  • Venom Hunter
    Venom Hunter

    aaaaaaaaaaand he ded...

  • Daoud Nassar - Earnscliffe Sr PS (1410)
    Daoud Nassar - Earnscliffe Sr PS (1410)

    rip etkia

  • Hector Luevanos
    Hector Luevanos

    He committed suicide. So sad, the reason he did that was because he sold his soul. 100%

    • CallMe Pop
      CallMe Pop

      Look up the number of popular RU-myrs who either died by suicide or by some freak accident. It's very, very, high and should be sending red flags!

  • Amaya Williams
    Amaya Williams

    R.I.P Etika. You will forever be missed.😔❤️

  • yeetus fetus
    yeetus fetus

    I've never heard of this man or seen him but may his soul rest in peace.

  • carlllos au
    carlllos au

    He died RIP ETIKA

  • Snake Chan
    Snake Chan

    Rest in peace

  • Jimmy Bast
    Jimmy Bast


  • Erik Schmidt
    Erik Schmidt

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Inside Edition: EdIkA

  • SwizzyFN

    He will always have a place in my heart

  • XD -crh2007
    XD -crh2007


    • Luna Light
      Luna Light

      Wtf 8 year old wannabe kid. He is freaking dead.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    go jump off a bridge /l/igger boy

  • Randa

    I'm sorry I know I shouldn't joke about this but before reading the title I thought it was one those clear skin before and after VIDEOS IM SORRY DON'T ATTACK Me p.s I hope he's okay

    • Allan Olvera
      Allan Olvera

      He dead rest in peace

  • TechRex 1
    TechRex 1

    RIP you will never be forgotten🙏😭

  • Jennifer Kiser
    Jennifer Kiser

    People shouldn't be hateful to others this should show people you can affect others to harm theirselves

  • Brandy :3
    Brandy :3


  • NoLifeJordan


  • Devyn Turner
    Devyn Turner

    Rest In Peace Etika... I wish you kept fighting man.

  • WildAnime

    He died. Wow

  • Itz BananaJJ
    Itz BananaJJ


  • TrEntasourus

    Rip 🙏🏼

  • Mystical Moon
    Mystical Moon

    He’s gone y’all 😔🙏, committed suicide, I send my prayers out to his family R.I.P

  • ROBLOX DogGirl
    ROBLOX DogGirl

    Those of you who don’t know, his body was found dead.:( RIP Etika

  • SorzMusic

    *Don't feel sorry for him he took his own life* HE LET DOWN ALL HIS FANS & EVERY1 BUT MOSTLY HIS *MOM*

  • Josef Taffmann
    Josef Taffmann

    Etika suicided RIP

  • Patato Everything
    Patato Everything

    Rip Etika.. i really loved watching his anime reactions

  • XxScar_ SlayerxX
    XxScar_ SlayerxX

    I'm crying r.i.p Etika now ur not in pain anymore



  • ToxicWinner 46
    ToxicWinner 46

    I wish he didn’t schedule the upload so we could have helped before it was too late.

  • ToxicWinner 46
    ToxicWinner 46

    Rip etika 😭

  • Shiloh Dynasty
    Shiloh Dynasty


  • GubbaGump

    Rest In Peace homie 😪😤

  • It’s Just Aubrey
    It’s Just Aubrey

    I’m seeing this after finding out he committed suicide🙁 R.I.P. Etika🙏🏽🖤 my prayers go out to your family and friends💙

  • L For Leonel
    L For Leonel

    He's dead now

  • Crispy Gaming
    Crispy Gaming


  • StrictlyUnderground

    Rip etika

  • Mateo Yusti
    Mateo Yusti

    r.i.p eticka u will be missed

  • London Paul
    London Paul


  • The VodkaDude
    The VodkaDude

    R.I.P Etika ❤️

  • A0uii

    Rest In Peace Etika...

  • PMoney

    RIP Etika!!!🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢THIS IS SOO SAD😢

  • yologuy007

    Rest in peace etika

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