emma chamberlain
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-emma chamberlain

  • Allison Holik
    Allison Holik

    i love you so much emma but you kinda remind me of hannah montana because every teen girl wants to be just like you😂

  • Colleen Meier
    Colleen Meier

    Is it weird that my grandma has the same car as you

  • Angy D
    Angy D

    Emma needs a boo thang not a boyfriend but just someone to hang out with .

  • -Ella -
    -Ella -

    Number of likes is the number of times Emma got honked at

  • Sarah Baker
    Sarah Baker

    You should sell bumper stickers in your online store👍 awww♥️Mom♥️LOL! The hotub😭

  • Lilly Clair
    Lilly Clair

    Why is this meeeeeee

  • London V.
    London V.

    go on tour

  • Zoe Diamond
    Zoe Diamond

    Should’ve told them it was your anniversary event and got some free food

  • Zoe Diamond
    Zoe Diamond

    Should have ordered room service for another room

  • Zandra R
    Zandra R

    that intro layout rlly looking like Chris klemens “buy my shirts by my hats” and then a short intro interrupted by his name 🧚🏼‍♀️✨

  • Zoe Diamond
    Zoe Diamond

    Should have knocked on someone’s door and ran

  • Zoe Diamond
    Zoe Diamond

    Should have pressed all the buttons on the elevator

  • Zoe Diamond
    Zoe Diamond

    Should have took the elevator up and Down every level

  • Zoe Diamond
    Zoe Diamond

    Should have went to the event they were having and just eat all the food

  • Zoe Diamond
    Zoe Diamond

    Should have built a fort

  • Rachel True
    Rachel True

    function of beauty isn't good psa

  • Hadley Grace
    Hadley Grace

    Emma chamberlain is saving dem turtles with that metal straw (with her first coffee) hehe

  • Macy Carver
    Macy Carver

    this is literally so relatable as a flight attendant hahahahaha *laughs in lonely hotel room*

  • D D
    D D

    Oml Emma you should let me make hummus for you oml i would be so happy

  • Daniel Layne
    Daniel Layne

    at the beginning your eyes are so dilated like... WHATTTTTT but like fr its from coffee and i can relate

  • Goblin Goblin
    Goblin Goblin

    damn, if i was on a holiday by myself i would literally have the best time ever???

  • Caden Young
    Caden Young

    anyone know what editing software she uses?

  • Raphaella Alioto Grace
    Raphaella Alioto Grace

    who else thought when Emma blurred out the alcohol, it was hilarious!

  • Queen Ally
    Queen Ally

    I love that she looks at the road more than the camera when filming in the car. These other RU-myrs stress me it so bad.

  • Hello Saja the Llama
    Hello Saja the Llama

    is no one going to state the fact that emma got a new car

  • Selena Guzman
    Selena Guzman

    Car: *honks* Emma (in a parked car): "was that at me?"

  • Lego Teen Twins
    Lego Teen Twins

    Omg, guys, I don't think she has her hands on the wheel! Does her car drive itself?!?!

  • Joliana Tai
    Joliana Tai

    anyone know how many times emma says lonely??? lol

  • Lego Teen Twins
    Lego Teen Twins

    Is it just me or was everyone looking at the cars behind her when she was driving???

  • KJ Grey
    KJ Grey

    Only boring people are bored.

  • Tami Disney
    Tami Disney

    Best video haha

  • stella haggerty
    stella haggerty

    *whoevers watching this and doesn't like gummy bears whats wrong with you*

  • Kosmik Love
    Kosmik Love


  • anthony palazzolo
    anthony palazzolo

    Please do another collab with David dobrik

  • Mia Fulton
    Mia Fulton

    "i don't know what to do" uhm oh heres a crazy idea! take a shower?!

  • Smirk

    18 and you think you’re an adult??? Hahhahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahhahahah you’re just a baby still.

  • Natalie Ortega
    Natalie Ortega

    I love you sooooooo much

  • Cars _
    Cars _

    james Charles: *Girl I invented you!*

  • Brenda Slat
    Brenda Slat

    emma you're so brave

  • Ally Rae
    Ally Rae

    Who else is thinking sister squad needed to be there

  • Cat Journals
    Cat Journals

    Are you and Ethan Dolan dating

  • What Sup
    What Sup

    Emma party of 1.....Ema party of 1😳

  • Steve Dannely for Yang
    Steve Dannely for Yang

    wtf is this shit. 6 million views to be tortured with this boring crap

  • KD B
    KD B

    Emma's style is 40yr old mom lol

  • Dan Casey
    Dan Casey

    What a CUNT

  • Indigo Bunting
    Indigo Bunting

    If you're bored...read your car's owner's manual.

  • Indigo Bunting
    Indigo Bunting

    If you're bored you should give hummus to the homeless. 🤮

  • Kate Spoon
    Kate Spoon

    video: hair product sponsor tati: "bye emma"

  • Marie Lou
    Marie Lou

    If you want to travel by yourself just go to hostels! It's such a great experience (and cheap) if you want to meet people your age. Traveling by yourself can be so much fun:)


    me watching emma being lonely while i’m being lonely

  • Kevin Ayala
    Kevin Ayala

    I love you

  • Myhero Mia
    Myhero Mia

    I love this

  • frededy4

    Thigh gap tho.

  • Sophia Kane
    Sophia Kane

    that's a nice ass hotel wtf

  • Perla Luquin
    Perla Luquin

    This is a message for Emma You Know Who Is The Best Person In The World ? Read the first word ☺️☺️☺️🥰please read this

  • Celebrity Snapchat Stories
    Celebrity Snapchat Stories

    *Emma in a hot tub by herself is so me* haha

  • kelsey baxter
    kelsey baxter


  • lily fernandez
    lily fernandez

    I wonder what she did with this drinks😂

  • Amira & Keira
    Amira & Keira

    Dam girl ill come wit you so you dont have to be lonely

  • Calista Lekakis
    Calista Lekakis

    why was there like literally nobody in the whole hotel lmfao

  • kelsey baxter
    kelsey baxter

    *someone like 5 blocks away honks their horn* emma: oh my god were they honking at me

  • Jessica Toten
    Jessica Toten

    Know how u feel

  • Josie's channel
    Josie's channel

    What's humis?

  • Samantha Dawson
    Samantha Dawson

    Why is this me?


    14:32 lol that girl was starting at her

  • Lindsey Rippee
    Lindsey Rippee

    i bet people honked at her because they recognized her

  • Raymond Kauffman
    Raymond Kauffman

    Your dad reminds me of bill nye the science guy

  • d6v0t3d

    Is no one gonna notice how many times emma got honked at?

  • Melissa Lucy
    Melissa Lucy

    I genuinely enjoy watching your videos so much. You are just naturally entertaining and i mean that in the best way hahah 😍

  • looce

    personally, i would book a hotel, order room service and watch movies all night, swim in the pool, go back, order a late night snacc, sleep in late, stuff myself with the free hotel breakfasts, go to bath and body works and smell all the candles, buy a bath bomb, go back and take a relaxing warm bath, then leave. b u t i c a n t c a u s e i m 1 2

  • Luna Mesa
    Luna Mesa

    quote emma chamberlain “i’m not gonna change when i move to la”

  • WeirdozChannel

    I thought this was gonna be an acid trip in the pool. I was mislead

  • kelsey louise
    kelsey louise

    What do you use to edit ur videos...

  • deoo iopg
    deoo iopg

    Her at 14:22 regretting her decision like:

  • Morgan Lubansky
    Morgan Lubansky

    This video was a flop

  • justo felkel
    justo felkel

    Nothing like a video about a rich kid complaining and whinging hey. Boo hoo

  • LotusFlowerBmb

    That was so me when I took a trip to Florida by myself lmbo

  • Payton Kingsbury
    Payton Kingsbury

    19 minutes of Emma thinking that all honks in a 4-mile radius are directed at her.

  • li li
    li li

    The Arkansas Senate unanimously passed resolution SR 14, “to encourage the United States Congress and the Arkansas Congressional Delegation to work to end organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in the People's Republic of China,” on February 28, 2019. The bill was introduced by State Senator Bill Sample on February 12 at the 92nd General Assembly. The senate resolution follows an earlier house resolution, HR 1022, which was passed on February 18.

  • Matthew Spaeth
    Matthew Spaeth

    Listen you"re really bad asf but humus is like the most disgusting smelling tasting thing in the world and babygirl the vegan shit gotta go like you messing out on one of my favorite things to eat steak come on #STOP BEING VEGAN

  • gretchenlogic

    You know it's gonna be a good video when there are asterisks in the title

  • Ilein Villalobos
    Ilein Villalobos

    2:24 and I- oop😂💀

  • Bailey Burrell
    Bailey Burrell

    what if, *what if* ,she uses a reusable cup every time (or most times) she gets coffee. that’d be great

  • Jensen Doyle
    Jensen Doyle

    This is how many times cars honked 🚗 | \/

  • Olivia Da seagull_22
    Olivia Da seagull_22

    Someone count how many times people horn at Emma 😂

  • ItsSichou Wepa
    ItsSichou Wepa

    Her voice reminds me of Rainbow Dash

  • Emily Ridgway
    Emily Ridgway

    how are you gonna start the video with a metal straw and then get a plastic straw with your coffee

  • Daddy Daddy
    Daddy Daddy

    I’d go with you next time

  • Landry Medlock
    Landry Medlock

    I almost lost it when she crept across the pool 🏊‍♀️

  • Maddie Mulholland
    Maddie Mulholland

    Did anyone else see the continuous wog eye at 7.30 till 7.40

  • Alexia McCann
    Alexia McCann

    the likes are how many times emma got honked at

  • Madison Fidnick
    Madison Fidnick

    No shits it’s gon be lonely lmao

  • wally ynwa
    wally ynwa

    Can someone tell me who this girl is ? Why is she famous ?

  • Honeybee Queenbee
    Honeybee Queenbee

    Her at 14:22 regretting her decision like:

  • Javen Tshudy
    Javen Tshudy

    Just turned 18, you are so lucky to be able to just leave😭😢

  • uifbwjohwjowf

    Then who took the thumbnail

  • Expo Playz
    Expo Playz

    Shopemmachamberlain. I can’t believe I just spelled that

  • Amy's Vlogs
    Amy's Vlogs

    This is random but you’re so fit sis

  • TahiraAlayliah

    Why when she was talking about how all her friends booked trips and are leaving her home alone by herself my mind immediately went to the office episode when they didn't invite Michael camping so he went by himself 😭😂😂😂💀💀

  • bay & ari
    bay & ari

    i feel like all of emmas videos are cries for help

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