IndyCar Indianapolis 500 2019 | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 5/26/19 | Motorsports on NBC
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Watch extended highlights from Simon Pagenaud's win in the 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500. #NBCSports #SimonPagenaud #Indianapolis500
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IndyCar Indianapolis 500 2019 | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 5/26/19 | NBC Sports

  • TheMystikal82

    And i thought Formula 1 was boring.

  • PanasonicTooth

    Masonic nonsense

  • Ro Man
    Ro Man

    Valentino Rossi drive indy 500?!

  • gufton qpr
    gufton qpr

    🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 et merci

  • Fastlife

    We are so proud of James Davison even with the misfortune in pit lane with his speed limiter. And Simon is the master!

  • Cole

    So exciting! Better than montreal

  • Fide Nemini
    Fide Nemini

    What's with these player accidents left and right in the pit area?

  • Jeff Ray
    Jeff Ray

    Fake news

  • James Mattoon
    James Mattoon

    Pit is CRAZY!

  • Mr NiceKnife
    Mr NiceKnife

    Great race. Too bad I could only see highlights on RU-my instead of on NBC 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Glenn Heiselman
    Glenn Heiselman

    This is racing!!.. NASCAR is the hot wheels of racing.

  • John Daedalus
    John Daedalus

    A 16 minute video showing the highlights of a dozen or so cars turning left for 3 hours...ok

  • MissCelticGirl

    These cars sound lifeless compared to the cars of yesteryear.

  • Alexander Klevko
    Alexander Klevko

    2:04 Мэт Дэймон))

  • jagreb

    Simon is a class act too. Took the win to the fans before he went to the winner's circle. Very cool, I thought.

  • Stephen Flanagan
    Stephen Flanagan

    Great to hear Leigh Diffey in the commentary. Top Bloke.

  • Rob Meek
    Rob Meek


  • James Jodon
    James Jodon

    Where is Paul Page? NBC should have him call the races.

  • boomish69

    Wow, what a race, really missing Indycar this year, thanks to NBC switching it to a Sky in the UK with a weeks notice it’s now too late to switch providers and You have to pay for the entire Sky Sports package at a premium price! Bloody insane!! Plus Sky are useless, they’ve done nothing to promote Indycar, no replays, no commentary during ads , not even an intro video..what a joke

  • benvolio mozart
    benvolio mozart

    Indianapolis is my favourite circuit ! I am European and F1 is boring ! India is even better than Daytona because it is more difficult !

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    Love Indi 500, wish NASCAR was as much fun, great 2019 Indi 500.


    Like Indy, but just dislike oval tracks.. Good race though.

  • T K
    T K

    Where is Alonso?

  • arrowshot3000

    yeesh i feel bad for those pit crew guys that got hit by their own drivers

  • David Harris
    David Harris

    Great final laps. Actually enjoyed last 30 laps at the race.

  • sloth

    Thought the guy in the thumbnail was snorting a huge line of coke.

  • Solouk7

    Bravo Simon !!

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    #49 on trending street

  • Michel Rodolphe
    Michel Rodolphe

    Même si bourse Sébastien bordel l'a pas fait

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    #40 on trending street

  • Maddog-J

    Congratulations Jean Giraud

  • 맨스타

    almost rossi...almost

  • Wenjuan Zhang
    Wenjuan Zhang

    More exciting than the modern rubbish F1

    • Gee Gee
      Gee Gee

      true... f1 is about fighting to win with any abilities... not who got faster car and win...

  • tasso oliveira
    tasso oliveira

    Indy: Where drivers can not park in a "straight boxing"

  • Simon B.
    Simon B.

    9:19 Phil Swift, is that you?

  • Andy van der Linden
    Andy van der Linden

    What a finish. Goosebumps.

  • Steven H W
    Steven H W

    "The Greatest Racing Spectacle"..... I Think He Means F1 is The Greatest Racing Spectacle...

    • Buynot

      @Steven H W Yes it is. Especially this season.

    • Steven H W
      Steven H W

      @EDM Lyfe no it isn't

    • wait_whut?

      *The Greatest Spectacle in Racing

    • EDM Lyfe
      EDM Lyfe

      F1 is just follow the leader.

  • Benjamin

    Bravo Simon !

  • 丁力导演

    I admire the cameraman

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    #36 on trending street

  • Vexoph

    I didn't see this race because I was watching the Charlotte race. Was this race good?

    • Brian Smith
      Brian Smith

      You made the wrong choice.

  • Natalie Beck
    Natalie Beck

    I’ve never actually been to one of the races, and I live in Indiana... It’s only about a 40 minute drive to Indianapolis. I’ve been to the Motor Speedway before in fourth grade, but that’s about as close as I’ve ever gotten to going to one. I didn’t even know Chris Hemsworth was here last year until he posted, and I was mad because he’s my favorite actor... 😂

  • Alvonne Franklin
    Alvonne Franklin

    4:54 If this was F1 there would have been soo much debris, i like that these cars rebound a bit during contact thats smart design, but this is the first time me seeing this

  • Matt Menghi
    Matt Menghi

    That was a fantastic finish. Actually for the most part they have been great battles at the end for the last few years now.. bravo!

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    Back to the basics W/ Latisha Lovely

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  • D Me
    D Me

    You're pretty much sitting in pee by race end, right? Ugh!

  • A Beltran
    A Beltran


  • Steven horsefield
    Steven horsefield

    Boring racing here... I just can't get into this race.

  • Anthony Wildman
    Anthony Wildman

    Why is this on trending? If I wanted to watch traditional media, I would watch TV

  • Martin Zehnpfenning
    Martin Zehnpfenning

    ..and next season we have lessons in right hand turns ;-)

    • Martin Zehnpfenning
      Martin Zehnpfenning

      @Joseph Ruggero Most shown are the roundraces !

    • Joseph Ruggero
      Joseph Ruggero

      Martin You know 12 of IndyCar races are on permanent road courses or temporary street courses. Multi discipline.

  • mweb1


  • Darren Rubendall
    Darren Rubendall

    Exciting race. I need to get back to seeing it live.

  • CoolWeeaboo 88
    CoolWeeaboo 88

    IndyCar! The only thing Indiana is famous for!

  • angela mojara
    angela mojara

    Los putitos q mandaron esto mire sus ermanitas meban a besar asi pero la longanisa

  • Robert MacCready
    Robert MacCready

    This was a great race. Think it's the 1st time in my life I watched the entire Indy. Watched some of Monaco F1...booooor-ing!!!

  • LOLO94

    Bravo Pagenaud, VIVE LA FRANCE !

  • ernest bassignani
    ernest bassignani

    formidable course le top

  • Sean Thompson
    Sean Thompson

    how embarrasing Alonso not qualifying! he should fire mclaren!!!!

  • Kevin Jacobs
    Kevin Jacobs

    These pit stops are a disgrace for any racing fan. Absolutely disgraceful.

  • NostalgiaGames

    look at all those dudes drivin up next to him to congratulate em what swell fellas

  • Kyle Thompson
    Kyle Thompson

    14:56 Why didn't Rossi block that obvious outside move?

  • Didier eissirb
    Didier eissirb

    Excellent Simon Pagenaud, bravo bravo pour cette victoire à Indianapolis 😍😍😍😎😎😎

  • D Squared
    D Squared

    Amazing drivers

  • Aceofacez10

    Interesting how such a simple track layout still allows for good exciting racing.

    • AMC401 Nash
      AMC401 Nash

      And it was built for cars that could only hit maybe 85 mph at the time. It was designed more for closed circuit endurance racing but you would never know it now thanks to over a century of automotive engineering and innovation. There's no place like Indy on the last Sunday in may.

  • Ufk BYR
    Ufk BYR

    İNDYCAR there is competition better than f1 !! f1 very bad..

  • Josey Browning
    Josey Browning

    wow, maybe i outta start watching indycar again!

  • Gerald Walls jr
    Gerald Walls jr

    I love this race I been watching since 94 I wish the sport had more respect

  • Leomar Velasquez
    Leomar Velasquez

    Why when i see this i think of the movie turbo??

  • Roger J
    Roger J

    Marco Andretti is over rated. If he weren't Michael's son and Mario's grandson he wouldn't have a career.

  • Akira

    LOL the most exciting part is when pilots or mechanics make mistakes. So boring

  • Mr. Hayes
    Mr. Hayes

    i dont even watch motorsports but i made it here somehow😭

  • James Wagstaff
    James Wagstaff

    All American sports are basically just other sports watered down and made simpler, except basketball which was invented by a Canadian

  • hawkgeoff

    Bordais is still a dipshit...

  • Christian Karl
    Christian Karl

    *murica* greatest spectacle in racing :D they probably haven't seen the Isle of Man TT or the Nürburgring 24h yet. I have to admit though it was entertaining

  • Benedikt Trinn
    Benedikt Trinn

    I usually only watch f1, can somebody explain the pit lane to me? Why are there 2 lanes and why do they hit their mechanics, Do the cars not turn as well?

  • Phulen

    This race had my heartbeat go so fast,wished Rossi won tho 😁

  • Roy M
    Roy M

    Thanks for posting highlights guys, considering we all missed half the race because of all the commercials you showed us.

  • George Ryan
    George Ryan

    Willy Nelson

  • R R
    R R

    Awesome...the sounds of the engines and the flybys...

  • Wait What
    Wait What

    Turn 4 is the best

  • dmoccassins

    I dont watch motorsports but this was fuckin stressful

  • Kohei Hasegawa
    Kohei Hasegawa

    How did Sato get 3rd place!? He was out of top15 throughout the race!

    • Kohei Hasegawa
      Kohei Hasegawa

      Xanat Garcia I later found he was as many as two laps down, but he squeezed out everything he has. Just incredible! I am proud of Taku as Japanese!!

    • Xanat Garcia
      Xanat Garcia

      Pit team mistake took him but he brilliantly went out of his way to slip himself into 3rd.

  • Mr Ping
    Mr Ping

    ‘This is the greatest spectacle in racing’ F1: corners, non spec chassis, higher speed, international, more money. Indy:MeRicA

    • Mr Ping
      Mr Ping

      Thanks for the background info andrew, interesting but i still woulld consider driving in an oval for a half day the greatest spectacle.

    • ceeam

      F1: more money. Fixed that. If I wanted to see people swimming in money I would be rewatching Duck Tales.

    • Andrew Blackburn
      Andrew Blackburn

      FWIW, the "Greatest Spectacle in Racing" thing dates back to 1954 (the term originated with WIBC, one of the radio stations in Indianapolis) when the racing scene was a little different and drivers frequently drove in multiple series (sometimes during the same season) - think drivers like A. J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Graham Hill, Parnelli Jones, and Al Unser, Sr. Winning at Indianapolis is still considered to be one of the great accomplishments a race driver can achieve, and the race is considered to be as prestigious as the Monaco Grand Prix or the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Fernando Alonso has won the latter two already, so I suspect that's why he's so interested in getting onto the grid at Indy; Juan Montoya has won Indianapolis and Monaco but still needs a Le Mans win.

  • pif

    Bravo Simon, belle victoire

  • Nitish Gupta
    Nitish Gupta

    This whole race just shows how bad American drivers are, the pit stops are an absolute disaster

    • Ben Keough
      Ben Keough

      @Nitish Gupta 🙄

    • Nitish Gupta
      Nitish Gupta

      @Ben Keough oof did that comment hurt your precious soul? Sorry my g

    • Ben Keough
      Ben Keough

      The guys who had pit mistakes were Australian (Davison), British (King), and Swedish (Ericsson). Nice try, though.

  • mjscar

    These guys need to learn how to pit... 🤦‍♂️

  • MhysaMisa

    Left turn! Oh and another left turn! Wait, wait whats this.... OHH A LEFT TURN! *crowd goes wild*

  • Mr Mojojojo
    Mr Mojojojo

    Me: how do I win coach? Coach: make a left, then another left and do that 198 more times. 👍🏽

  • robhow22

    .......meanwhile at the F1 race in Monaco there was one overtake for 15th place

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    #15 on trending street

  • gordonjohn

    0:01 'This is the greatest spectacle in racing' hahahahahaahahahahahahah. Utter shite.

  • david garton
    david garton

    Kind of easy when you are only left hand turn, not so easy in the Real Worly

  • david garton
    david garton

    UPDATE ! Incredibly boring

  • david garton
    david garton

    Just like watching paint drying. Boring beyond belief.

  • Gunnhfran2

    I’m f1 fan never had much interest of just watch cars going round in a circle didn’t think it would interesting... have I missed out, that was bloody amazing I mean this is excitement and danger I want back In F1... but those pit stops are mental, I mean Ericsson should know how to a safe pit stop he used to be a f1 driver

  • Seth Laboucane
    Seth Laboucane

    There’s highlights for this???? A bunch of cars going in a circle gets highlights

  • Andre Robinson II
    Andre Robinson II

    Yo where’s turbo the snail? Lol

  • Rafael Tavarez
    Rafael Tavarez

    Solid race!

  • Paranormal Activity and Mysterious Stories
    Paranormal Activity and Mysterious Stories

    these cars are beautiful.

  • TamaZoid

    I dont really care, but its 'trending' so 👀

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