PRESSURE COOKER | 6 Dishes Tested by 2 Chefs
You guys have been asking us to test out a pressure cooker for ages now, so we got our chefs, asked for your fave pressure cooker recipes, and gave it a go! Do you have a pressure cooker? What are your fave things to cook in it?
This is the pressure cooker we used:
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  • SORTEDfood

    Find out about our BRAND NEW cookbook A.M. Menu:

    • jean pomelo
      jean pomelo

      Dear Ben and James @Sortedfood, when using pressure cooker you have to wait for it to "steam/whistle" then decrease the temperature of the hob to maintain the steam/temperature, then start timing on that signal. So pork can be tender within 30mins from that hissing sound, then oxtail with bones will last for 45-1 hour. I hope this helps

    • Null Null
      Null Null

      @SORTEDfood please do oven toaster

    • Blank Core DevilBCD
      Blank Core DevilBCD

      Pressure Cooker battle i want to see what Jamie will make lol

  • Renae Ingram
    Renae Ingram

    James' eye roll made my day.

  • Matt Katch
    Matt Katch

    You'd be surprised how many of us living in apartments struggle thru with oven alternatives.

  • Katherine C Elliot
    Katherine C Elliot

    Wait, are the two chefs dating each other? Because I got such couple vibes in this video XD. Wasn't sure who the wife was out of two though :p

  • Katherine C Elliot
    Katherine C Elliot

    CHEFS Try the CROCK POT!

  • Iain Ronald
    Iain Ronald

    It's not the length of time potatoes take to cook that has me, a millennial turned against them, it's the nutrition. See, 6 years ago almost, I lost 112 lbs, decided to go from the funny fat guy to the guy with abs. So, I've, at this point, spent 4 years working out and building myself and my nutrition so I look like a Rugby player. If there was ever a list of the three things not to eat if you want to keep weight off it would be: 1) Doughnuts 2) Potatoes 3) White supermarket bread That being said I do use them occasionally. I know during Passover the lack of yeasted goods really got to me and I was eating 2 cups of potatoes a day. I'll also go all in on Purple Potatoes which are a slow releasing, antioxidant-packed, complex carb.

  • Katara Spencer
    Katara Spencer

    They should try an Instant pot

  • Varun Nigam
    Varun Nigam

    Cardinal rule for pressure cooker is turn off the hob after allocated time and let the food inside simmer in steam for one more minute to get perfect cook.

  • K. Ozmun
    K. Ozmun

    Air fryer... fish, those frozen "burgers" made from all veg (beyond meat), uncooked grains. Uncooked grains, because all uncooked grains should puff when heated and an air fryer brings to mind a glorified popcorn maker. Also... Ben to James: You're so hard to please... Me: I volunteer!!!! #hotchefs #dashingnormals #fineandsorted

  • Mojave4ever

    Received requests for ox-tails? I think that is just one big fat tale.

  • JanTheNan

    Experience of pressure cooking for 40 years Mumalways used one, terrifed me.

  • JanTheNan

    Try an Instant Pot.

  • JanTheNan

    Those spuds would have been nice roasted in the coating.

  • christa martignone
    christa martignone

    Potatoes 3 min in elecric cooker.

  • PLF

    A quick daal like that would be awesome

  • JanTheNan

    Instant Pot.

  • leung

    Try pressure cooked bananas. Absolutely amazing...

  • Árón de Siún
    Árón de Siún

    Flashes of the two Kates and their hot wet rice...

  • СРБ -Специализиран Ръкопашен Бой
    СРБ -Специализиран Ръкопашен Бой


  • Suhasini Jacob
    Suhasini Jacob

    That LOOK INTO THE STEAM part That’s why I love BEN 😂😂😂

  • Sormani Faria
    Sormani Faria

    u could do brasilian feijoada too !!

  • Sormani Faria
    Sormani Faria

    OX tail Brasilian style: sealed like u did, olives ( green one ) olive water, olive oil, potatoes after half cooking, cress for the last 3 min and served with wite rise and cooked corn meal

  • Ashley Vu
    Ashley Vu

    Could you guys try out an air fryer?

  • AG UT
    AG UT

    hello !!! can you guys do a technique and issues with beginners when using pressure cookers? ie: the food flavours taste very under developed, or when cooking for too long?

  • Chelsea Czekalski
    Chelsea Czekalski

    Disappointed that the joke was a repeat, but love the recipes have me thinking about what I need to try cooking next!

  • Achy ka
    Achy ka

    I always thought that a pressure cooker was a must have along pans and pots 😂 didn't know people don't use them in some countries

  • wwaxwork

    Remember too that one of the attractions of electric pressure cookers like Instant Pot is you can just set it & forget it until it's time to open it.

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi

    loved it when ben said the lentils were 'saucy and spoonable' ;)

  • Amy Holdren
    Amy Holdren

    Why is James so mesmerizing?

  • Georgia Keeton-williams
    Georgia Keeton-williams

    Uni series!!!

  • XantiaD

    Rice in a pressure cooker (like beans) is not a good idea. It can stop up the pressure valve causing excessive pressure build-up and creating one of those "I had to clean up food from behind the refrigerator, under the stove and every other surface in the kitchen" situations. Pressure cookers are great, but not for every dish. Choose wisely. :)

  • Chakka Edmundson
    Chakka Edmundson

    Hello everybody! I im new here so far i love you guys. You male me laugh and make niceee vidoes about my fav food!. Kerp doin you guys and hav a godblessed day. Totally awesomeness

  • RebelSoldier007

    here the thing most pressure cooker now days have a electrical pressure thing - plus there more safer then the old school one - i think that a newer one but with the old school style

  • Kurt

    Scouse works really well in a pressure cooker.

  • Raven Anne
    Raven Anne

    3 ads?? And one is a headspace ad? Man... now I realise JUST how much I like this channel.

  • JanTheNan

    Instant po, electric pressure cooker.

  • paraboo

    Risotto in a pressure cooker?! Heresy! Half the fun of making risotto is standing in front of the oven and going halfsies on the wine with the rice...

    • Claire Lin
      Claire Lin

      paraboo yes I agree!!!!!!! But not if it's super hot in the summer lol

  • Rebecca Luce
    Rebecca Luce

    Do you have the Instant Pot in England? I make a cheesecake in the Instant Pot that is amazing. Really, the best I’ve ever had, including Carnegie Deli. 26 min at pressure and 10 minutes to pressure down. Cool and 4 hours later-heaven. The Instant Pot is amazing. Great meats but also yogurt, beans, Pad Thai and corn on the cob in 4 minutes. I use it at least twice a week. If you have it there I would love to see you use it! I’ll even send you my cheese cake recipe 😉

  • Lamya Bhat
    Lamya Bhat

    In a south Asian household, a pressure cooker is a must have. It is very commonly used to create soup or the base of a curry or a spice mix for the dish and then all you need to do is dry out the water (if needed) and then add in the veggies or meat of your choice. Also you usually have one with a whistle that goes off on it’s own so all you have to do is assemble it all and put it on the stove and when you hear the shrill whistle simply turn off the the heat and pull of the whistle leaving the heat to trickle out and then about ten minutes later when you open the cooker, it’s ready to eat.

  • Andrew Webster
    Andrew Webster

    I've used a pressure cooker for years for oxtail, lamb knuckle etc., but tried the risotto for the first time recently. Absolute game changer. I've got an electric one, which is even easier than the stove top one. Great appliance

  • Brage Eyde
    Brage Eyde

    You should test a Crock- pot

  • Jayson Landers
    Jayson Landers

    Use the Ninja Foodi

  • Dominik MJ
    Dominik MJ

    I think the issue with the pressure cooker is the make. I looked for mine quite a long time, as I wanted to have only one setting (I have got a WMF). If the pressure cooker they build less pressure (also true for electric pressure cookers) - hence they need longer. It is not a big deal - but most recipes are written for the "traditional 15 PSI". I liked though the video. It is almost unheard of, that "real chefs" haven't used a pressure cooker nowadays - especially today, when in most cooking popular cooking competitions in the TV, pressure cookers are the only way to compete successfully.

  • tim Hunsaker
    tim Hunsaker

    4 minute hard boil eggs in a pressure cooker/insta pot

  • ColonelJupiter

    Condensed milk into caramel is fun with a pressure cooker.

  • Rendanfuls (čti. Ren-Dan-Fuls)
    Rendanfuls (čti. Ren-Dan-Fuls)

    1:24 Is that a Pilsner Urquell glass?

  • Stacy Byrd-Everett
    Stacy Byrd-Everett

    Did anyone else see something in James’ hair? I got distracted lol.

  • Maxwell Fong
    Maxwell Fong

    For dessert I would make like a poached pear in the pressure cocker, which normally takes ages!

  • Makalov

    2:08 the Scottish side of James came out

  • Aditya Venkat
    Aditya Venkat

    Indian mothers have been using pressure cookers for ages, literally saves so much time. And you can do two things at once in the pressure cooker (my mother often cooks Dal (lentils) and potatoes in the same cooker separated by a plate. The steam from the water cooking the lentils cooks the potatoes.)

  • Bonnie Lee Wall
    Bonnie Lee Wall

    Crock pot!

  • DeadlyYellow

    I wish I could chop as fast as a camera shutter.

  • jeffery nordgulen
    jeffery nordgulen

    An hour for pulled pork was too short. I would have done an hour thirty with kosher salt and liquid smoke.

  • sean holt
    sean holt

    Instant pot recipes

  • Sophisticated Dinosaur
    Sophisticated Dinosaur

    Them being confused by the cheesecake one, tells me they hadn't considered college students who don't have a kitchen and maybe have a gas or electric or induction portable cooktop.

  • Sophisticated Dinosaur
    Sophisticated Dinosaur

    i would abuse a pressure cooker, i would make pulled pork every week and live off of that and coleslaw, although mine would be have barbecue flavors and sauce.

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi

    do potato quickies! i dont believe anyone cant boil a potato, its down to laziness!

  • Craig Hastie
    Craig Hastie

    I love taking dried chickpeas and pressure cooking for about 1h20m then making humus, means I don't have to presoak for 24h first.

  • Craig Hastie
    Craig Hastie

    Are you measuring time from when it gets to pressure (button pops up) or when you put lid on and start heating?

  • Craig Hastie
    Craig Hastie

    Surprised that you didn't add some water to the oxtail.

  • Lady Berd
    Lady Berd

    Dammit. James is so attractive it makes me cry

  • priyanka narang
    priyanka narang

    Indian households have been using pressure cooker since ages U can cook almost every thing in a pressure cooker

  • Darryl Gonsalves
    Darryl Gonsalves

    Why remove the pressure abruptly? If you guys showed some patience the pulled pork would have worked in the first attempt.

  • Wombles Gaming
    Wombles Gaming

    The editing work on cutting that leek was superb! GG to whoever edited this!

  • Tusy Amy
    Tusy Amy

    You dont have patience 😩 You should wait till cooker release the pressure itself.

  • Farad Husky
    Farad Husky

    That sLEEK edit at 10:11. Holy shit. :D

  • SourceOfBeing

    PIO Pressure Cooking!

  • charmanr

    Since I have an allergy to alcohol (even small quantities cause me unbearable pain in my eyes and face) I often wonder about alternatives when cooking. The pulled pork in cider in this video sounds amazing but I suspect that the alcohol won't cook off because of the airtight seal. I might try it with apple juice, but I don't think it will taste quite the same. I've tried cooking with alcohol free beers and ciders in the past, but since so many of them taste so bad I gave up on this (don't get me started on alcohol free wines!). I did find a pretty good 0% cider but it had so much sugar in it I drink it rarely. Any chance you guys could do a video on how to cook alcohol based recipes with alcohol free alternatives?

    • elarna- louise antonio
      elarna- louise antonio

      charmanr with cooking what they do for children and adult when cooking is to boil things like beer so the alcohol within burns out. This has been tested in restaurants as they have to use it for kids so if you want to do the same recipe you should boil it out. You should also check if it’s the ethanol you’re allergic to.

  • Kathy Young
    Kathy Young

    Been using a pressure cooker more than 50 years, mostly for meat. Roasts, beef stew. Chili. Round steak. Dried beans and peas are good but have to watch out as they can foam up. My mother used to cook several things at once by stacking pans inside. I’m still using the one I got for a wedding present in 1968. Needs a new gasket every few years.

  • Zefar77

    Boiling potatoes in 20 minutes just isn't enough to soften some larger potatoes or rather average sizes. So I just boil the potatoes I buy for around 40 minutes and then start doing the rest of the food. Potatoes are soft enough that a knife goes through it like butter. The potato itself isn't hurt by this at all in any kind of way. Still the same taste.

  • geneticdemented

    You mean other people’s mums don’t pressure cook on the regular? My Mum’s pressure cooker scares the bejesus out of me

  • Jürgen Weißmann
    Jürgen Weißmann

    Did you put the meat on top of something, or just put it in the liquid?

  • gabryu

    Air fryer!!!! Try the air fryer next!!

  • Mig Trewornan
    Mig Trewornan

    Two comments: 1) Oxtail used to be a cheap cut but (at least where I am) it's become premium priced. 2) I use an electric pressure cooker and if you're worried about safety they are very reassuring. You effectively CAN'T mess up.

    • 95rav

      Yep... in Australia, ox tail is rediculously expensive. Kangaroo tail is a nice alternative though.

  • Geomeo Pesetsky
    Geomeo Pesetsky

    This is really funny, since professional chefs have never used pressure cooker and I’m the one who made boiled eggs in a instapot amount other stuff. The pressure cooker is a big deal in my family since it helps cut down down time if rice or slow cooked meat needs to be done on time. It’s also pretty easy to do since they make them pretty safe now

  • ca123411

    Also it would be more suited for something like a creme caramel rather than cheesecake

  • ca123411

    Legumes/beans magic number is 16min. If youre working with white sturdy beans you can soak overnight. A lot of other places in the world use pressure cookers on a daily basis. Where I come from theres no canned chickpeas or beans. We cook it all from dry + some people do not own ovens. So some stuff can be adaptable. Also not bad for stocks and meat gelatiney things.

  • ArtemusPrime

    I didn't know that "vanilla" had an "r" in it...

  • Herby Ragan
    Herby Ragan

    Would love to see your review of the Instant Pot or the Ninja Foodi

  • Tomáš Faust
    Tomáš Faust

    Guys, this is not just "beer"'s freakin' Pilsner Urquell! (makes me really proud to see a Czech product on your show)

  • serendipretty

    I'm trying to figure out how to squeal about James in another way that just commenting JAMESNSNDNS!!!!!

  • Sellamani Mani
    Sellamani Mani

    In India they use it for cooking rice every day and vegetables for Curry but different types of cookers which release pressure it self

  • Ananya Subramani
    Ananya Subramani

    An Indian household cannot survive without a pressure cooker esp for the potatoes and dal (lentils)

  • Claire

    Can we give props to whoever edited that bit at 10:11? That was cool!

  • Katie Manning
    Katie Manning

    Please test out a thermomix using all the functions

  • Donald Whitty
    Donald Whitty

    Can't be arsed with pressure cookers. Much Ado About Nothing.

  • msnannybean

    When cooking meat in a pressure cooker one needs to utilize a natural pressure release rather than the quick pressure release. QPR makes the meat seize up and be tough.

  • Josiah Gibson
    Josiah Gibson

    Growing up my mom used a pressure cooker 2-3 times a week. I think she basically only used it for meat dishes though, as they aren't super time sensitive. Saved a lot of time and money (could tenderize cheaper cuts) for a family of six. Highly recommend getting one and figuring it out.

  • Dan Flores
    Dan Flores

    Let's talk about how adorable James is!

  • bernard roberts
    bernard roberts

    i am sorry about this but are you as a group really that naive ?? once upon along time ago msg may have been extracted from a plant and therefore been natural . but the stuff you have now is 100% the product of a rapacious chemical industry .

  • Space Alchemist
    Space Alchemist

    I microwave potatoes. ;)

  • Dale Moscrop
    Dale Moscrop

    I've got a pressure cooker appliance rather than a stovetop one. My wife and I use it all the time. Creates the creamiest mash potatoes, wonderful corned beef even from frozen, and is used often as a huge speedy rice cooker. It's easy to overcook things in it, but at least overcooked stuff seems to always end up softer rather than firmer.

  • Danielle Juratovac
    Danielle Juratovac

    Maybe next time try an anti-griddle. I just love the idea of a griddle that looks like a griddle but is super cold. I know people use it for ice cream preparation, but I wonder what else it could be used for? :)

  • mochi.

    this is an old video, but as someone who grew up in a jamaican household and had oxtails almost every sunday, the oxtails weren't too bad? they seemed like they really pull away smoothly? which is what you tend to want from it. james saying that he was looking for something similar to the pulled pork was actually kind of accurate. in my experience, the shrivel occurred because there wasn't really enough liquid or sauce to cover it as much as it needed to so it shriveled a bit.

  • Beatriz Zacharias
    Beatriz Zacharias

    Crazy to imagine you guys do stuff as beans, lentilles, etc without a pressure cooker cause in my country this is pretty much the way to go; my mom still have the one she got on her wedding, so over 3 decades old and working perfectly. lol

  • katie paris
    katie paris

    Have you ever tried recipes that using crock pot cooking?

  • sarthak rawal
    sarthak rawal

    Instead of water put sand/salt in pressure cooker and a small stand to keep tray half inch then you will get the desired cheesecake for's tried and tested...dont add any water

  • Carsten Koch
    Carsten Koch

    I'm not a big fan of pressure cookers. Both of my grandmas and a friend had one (my grandmas were from WMF and my friend had one from Tefal) and after around 7-9 years of use the valve would have a malfunction, where you couldn't release the steam (probably because bits of the food and grease clogged it up) In one case my dad opened one of the pots after hours of being off the stove and just a bit warm on the outside. But apparently the soup inside was still more than boiling hot in the middle and when he opened the lid the wall of steam burned his face. He didn't suffer any permanent damages but he wasn't far from it. So I'm not a big fan of those :/

  • Hannah

    Try the instapot please!

  • Tamim Al Thonayan
    Tamim Al Thonayan

    Pressure cooker is a staple in our kitchens in Saudi Arabia especially if you have a busy day and wand a fresh food for lunch or dinner. Our most national dish in SA Kabsa has a recipe for pressure cooker as one of many verity for it.

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