Remembering Etika: YouTubers React to His Death | E! News
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James Charles and more speak out on the tragic passing of gamer and vlogger Desmond Amofah, who was found deceased a week after going missing.
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Remembering Etika: RU-myrs React to His Death | E! News

  • E! News
    E! News

    The default upload setting for our videos is to run ads. We've disabled them as well as the "likes" number as neither are appropriate at this time. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    • Ah mommy you’re too tight For me!
      Ah mommy you’re too tight For me!

      Icynibba when it’s placed in a history format, sure it’s entertaining. WW1/2 ,civil war, war of 1812, Vietnam war, that one incident in China that happened in the 1970s are examples of this.

    • LG

      Hey guys, go to Icynibba’s channel and check his playlist titled “Videos to cheer me up” and you’ll get a pretty good idea of his taste in “humor”. That’s how you know he’s either just an edge lord, a troll and/or mentally ill

    • Gacha Life Heiley
      Gacha Life Heiley

      E! News You clown, using her death for money and views!

    • Weeb boi *C H E W*
      Weeb boi *C H E W*

      Todd Howard thank you

    • Weeb boi *C H E W*
      Weeb boi *C H E W*

      Icynibba you’re happy he died what would happen if a person in your family died would you find it entertaining no you would mourn the disrespect of a person

  • Troy Davis
    Troy Davis


  • 10 people who could defeat thanos
    10 people who could defeat thanos

    You clickbait and put ads on the video. *Im very disgusted*

  • Teddy Sam
    Teddy Sam

    You're sick, this video should not exist. You're channel shouldn't exist. Delete it

  • justanerd

    Playing this kind of music over such a deeply disturbing and tragic incidence is pretty disgusting

  • Andrew Benavides
    Andrew Benavides

    *Everyone disliked that*

  • Dr.Siphony

    Wow E news is really just like HMMM This dude just died we can get views from all of this

  • Nya Smith
    Nya Smith

    This is fucked up

  • Oliver

    This video is absolutely horrible & disgusting , you used his death as a way of making more horrible content. Completely disrespectful and of course you put James Charles at the beginning of the description because it'll bring in more attention/money just because he's more known.

  • GD S1nner
    GD S1nner

    Your disgusting

  • Shaggy

    He died you fucker this is not something to react about

  • iiEnder [GD]
    iiEnder [GD]

    Delete your channel, you are indeed monsters hungry for money.

  • Mont


  • Fixel Lexif
    Fixel Lexif

    kys, you pay absolutely no respect to a dead man. All you want is attentions and views, go kys you motherfraker. Atleast get some respect not making money of a man's suicide. Can't belive such greedy being can exist...

    • Fortnite is gay
      Fortnite is gay

      Lol you're a moron. Read the pinned comment idiot kid

  • Urud Chuk
    Urud Chuk

    Worst channel ever... why do you talk about his suicide like its a publicity stunt? I don't care if your response is with concern! Your intention with bringing the story up for money and views shows how dark your channel really is. You seriously need to get your head out of the sand and see what is actually happening. The fact that you MILKED his death for your news celebrity channel is insulting to the core, the only thing you cared about while milking his death was how influencers would REACT TO IT. You are so bloody disgusting you know I actually hate to spill this but I've felt like committing suicide for years now and I don't know when channels like this will stop milking our suffering for views and money, like why? Why do you not care about the lives of actual people? All you care about is what the Kardashians do in there bedroom, why don't you talk about why people shouldn't be doing suicide? Why don't you actually try to help us find a reason and more to why we should not do what etika did? Does suicide look like a celeberty spotlite to you? Whoever runs this channel is horrifying stupid and I can't describe my anger any further. After uploading this you just moved on to another no good topic like cardi b or Selena Gomez. PLEASE STOP IT, STOP MILKING PEOPLE WHO DIED FROM SUCIIDE, when I die from suicide I want to die peacefully! Don't milk me when I die, leave me alone when I die, I'm not doing a publicity stund, my death will not be part of a movie or a show. LEAVE etika and stay away from suicide topics, suicide is not done for entertainment. So please stop.

  • Skippy

    Your using Etika for money. What’s wrong with you. RIP Etika.

  • Blob Thing
    Blob Thing

    e why

  • Abigail Himan
    Abigail Himan


  • Call Of Duty Zombie Boi
    Call Of Duty Zombie Boi

    Ive never seen a news outlet be more fake then i can comprehend you guys did it so that your employees and managers can get a check in there bank account you never once cared for the person until something tragic happens right ? E news word of advice stick to your own circle where you cover the kardashians every second of the day

  • Alex Playz
    Alex Playz

    Are y’all seriously making fun of Etika?!?! Jeebus, This so disgusting.

  • Hazim Badlishah
    Hazim Badlishah


  • Phy

    this is vile on so many levels that are unseen

  • Duck Enthusiastic
    Duck Enthusiastic

    Company that disables likes / dislikes ratio ... that quite interesting

  • Devious Duck
    Devious Duck

    It’s sad. Because he played deltarune chapter 1 and he what is not alive for chapter 2 the come out 🥺

  • FrostyFangZ

    All the people I lost from youtube and other stuff so far that are not my family members: Avicii Lil peep Xxxtentacion Etika Cameron Boyce

  • Dragonbloodbound Sun
    Dragonbloodbound Sun


  • Just a Random
    Just a Random

    Greedy c**ts

  • itzaaden

    Etika we loved you you will be in all of are hearts forever rest in peace

  • ahgqw bassdd
    ahgqw bassdd

    RU-my: Deletes etikas channel Deletes his last ever video he would ever make which was his suicide note "wE sAd EtIkA dIeD eVeN tHoUgH wE dElEtE sTuFf NoW pOsT hOtLiNe NuMbErS 2 aCt LiKe We CaRe"

  • Tranquility Hunter Gaming
    Tranquility Hunter Gaming

    The fact that the video was monetized in the first place is disgusting

  • David Centoz
    David Centoz

    If you just want to make a publication, there's no need to make a youtubers react, you can just make the article. You did it, but the title just seems like a way to get views.

  • Velentinex579 XD
    Velentinex579 XD

    So you support T-series and now this!? Tbh i really fuckin disappointed and disgusted with you

  • Spark YT
    Spark YT

    Thanks for taking off the ads

  • Dou Blade
    Dou Blade

    (Calls on phone) Yea Obama Yea, Can you launch all the nukes We need to start over as a human race

  • nancy got a gun
    nancy got a gun

    I'm disgusted

  • GGGamerLP

    Etika uploaded porn of course gmhe gets deleted goddamnit

  • dat one boi
    dat one boi

    You know what's funny? RU-my never took action to remove this video off of trending, and they never deleted this channel, or they never deleted the video when it was monetized. It's like RU-my doesn't care about our opinions 🤔

  • Clay

    i hope you get clowned noob

  • Ferret45

    people who hide likes/dislikes are stupid

  • Kenji policard Policard
    Kenji policard Policard

    I'm 30, had depression, love smash bros, love dragon ball, I am black, I'm goofy, from NYC and all so this hit extremely close to home, what the hell man, why didn't he pray to God? Why did he quit? I was suicidal too, but God helped me cure my anxiety and depression, I was allll fucked up, fame is the last thing you'll want with such an illness, the pressure to remain the same for your audience is too much, you can't do it, the mood swings are too strong and being famous while going through that puts too much pressure on the brain, never do that.

  • dr. doc
    dr. doc

    Take the ads off or I will get aids

  • BTS is my lifeu
    BTS is my lifeu

    Wow. Great just great. Getting money just talking about a RU-myr who just died?! Ads?! DISGUSTING!!!! Why?! Just why?! This isn't right!! Remove the ads or delete this video!! It's so disrespectful!!! Or you can delete the channel. You're making me sick!! So disrespectful!!! Not one of his fans wants to remember him as a famous dead person!! Everyone of his fans wants to remember him as an awesome, funny, and kind guy!!

  • Norrell Boyd Nelson
    Norrell Boyd Nelson

    Wow that is disgusting you didn't care for him until now

  • Nemisis XR
    Nemisis XR

    I am Very disgusted of RU-my, they removed Etika's “I’m sorry video”, but they didn't remove some other suicide videos, like wtf RU-my.

  • Purrel

    Delete this video already and might as well delete your channel.. this will not be forgotten easily you know?

  • Josiah :D
    Josiah :D

    You know... you should have killed yourself instead of etika

  • Mission Failed
    Mission Failed

    This channel and everyone associated with it is disgraceful.

  • Stolen Memes
    Stolen Memes

    Why did you treat Etika's death just for revenue???? :(((( shame on you

  • One Dewpy potato Boi
    One Dewpy potato Boi

    This is disgusting to use suicide as content, youtube hit the new low

  • J Plays
    J Plays

    Delete this NOW

  • TheSilent0ne 22
    TheSilent0ne 22

    You are a sick group of garbage for putting ads in this video

  • Eazy-Duz-It

    Nice disabling your rating hope your channel gets deleted money grubbing pricks

  • Dooting Revenant
    Dooting Revenant

    The fact this video had ads in the first place is very disrespectful, Etika never deserved this level of disrespect

  • jason todd
    jason todd

    Good job to nathorix for telling them to e news should not be in tv or RU-my

  • Sv Enterteiment
    Sv Enterteiment


  • Nem mersz feliratkozni rám
    Nem mersz feliratkozni rám

    I hope the creators will receive the same treatment when they die as this video did to Etika. Disgusting trick, E! News.


    You guys disgust me

  • Dodgy Doge
    Dodgy Doge

    This Is absolutely repulsive and disgusting. This is very dishonest and just plain disrespectful. Please Respect the dead instead of making a reaction video.

  • Poorly-Made Studios
    Poorly-Made Studios

    Stop using etika for money,

  • MrPiggyIsPro

    Discusting video title, makes me want to die!

  • Ragnarok Official
    Ragnarok Official

    Your scum for doing this video, let the man rest without making a video of him! You make sick!

  • Porumb Remus
    Porumb Remus

    Please delete your channel

  • sonic power
    sonic power

    E New i have something to say delete your channel and never post again cause you are just doing this for content and how do i know simple out of all the people you put James Charles first like WTF. and what's with the happy music in the background your my first dislike channel every Disgusting

  • Isaiah Bonilla
    Isaiah Bonilla

    so let me get this straight. RU-my takes his chanel off, demonitizes him, then acts all "oh we're so sad at this tragic loss" when they actually had a part in his death. He was forced off the platform and wasn't given a chance to be better. RU-my didnt want him in the first place, so they should not act like they care. As for E, I'm not suprised. They pander to people and what they want to hear. They don't give squat over anyoes death, no matter how good or bad. They just want publicity and prob didn't even know who he was. And then despite all this, RU-my keeps this video up, despite this video breaking terms of service. And RU-my KNOWS this. Not suprised 2 of the nastiest corp on the planet did this, but still very ashamed.

  • fauzi fadhlurrohman
    fauzi fadhlurrohman

    They deactivated likes and dislikes! We did it bois Likes are no more

  • its Rigged!
    its Rigged!

    Iv only heard of Etika last month, iv been wondering if i should watch him from time to time and i kept delaying it until t was officially too late 😭😭😭

  • tan beegeok
    tan beegeok

    I'm very sorry for Etikas family for his lost

  • Yungdaggerdick

    E News: *Fucks up terribly* Everyone that has empathy, morals and is in the right mind: Avengers... assemble!

  • Retierashia

    "RU-myrs React to His Death," this isn't respectful to Etika at all. Etika doesn't even know James Charles well what the f*ck?! *This* got on RU-my trending?! This is bullsh*t, RU-my is using Etika's death to get views just cause it interests people. Learn to respect the dead RU-my.

  • meme lord v2
    meme lord v2

    I feel like half these kids crying about adds don't understand that they had it set to automatically put adds on this and when they noticed it they removed it instantly yet kids still complain shut up they apologised and fixed the issue

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