Remembering Etika: YouTubers React to His Death | E! News
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James Charles and more speak out on the tragic passing of gamer and vlogger Desmond Amofah, who was found deceased a week after going missing.
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Remembering Etika: RU-myrs React to His Death | E! News

  • E! News
    E! News

    The default upload setting for our videos is to run ads. We've disabled them as well as the "likes" number as neither are appropriate at this time. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    • Thicc Boi
      Thicc Boi

      No you didn’t you wanted to monetize this you heartless faggots

    • Esteban

      Someone’s getting fired.

    • Chris Gonc
      Chris Gonc

      Uriel Ceniceros yep. I posted that comment a few hours before he posted it. He tries to say that you can’t clickbait a dead person. But the title of the video and thumbnail Ouija Board Etika or whatever. I can’t believe he’s still allowed on RU-my.

    • Alexis Torres
      Alexis Torres

      @Icynibba what?

    • Greehn

      I doubt it's appropriate to even make a video about RU-myrs reacting to his death, but you do you.

  • Xavier Martinez
    Xavier Martinez

    And here we go with Jaystation again

  • Angel Cristales
    Angel Cristales

    This is the worst summer break i had :(

  • Sophia Noon
    Sophia Noon


  • The Why Channel
    The Why Channel

    Wow! Cool post thanks for sharing ❤️

  • Southern Hemisphere
    Southern Hemisphere

    I'm sorry for Etika but, the question for myself is, was it a stunt?

  • The anime sans
    The anime sans

    He's not dead

  • King Crazy
    King Crazy

    It's sad that even though it's been a day I still just hope, I'll wake up and just be like it was just a bad dream but I wake up to see this video again 😖😭

    • Xavier Martinez
      Xavier Martinez

      It's been a day and Jaystation already posted an Ouija board video of Etika

  • William Felix
    William Felix

    Whos etika? I dont watch youtubers. Sorry. Though sucks he committed suicide

  • Brian Adams
    Brian Adams

    RU-my terrorized his RU-my channel now they put his death #1 on trending..

  • Lerrycookie 7
    Lerrycookie 7


  • ディアスジェレミー

    It's insane normal Etika was in his last stream & the recent twitter posts that he made, never that I thought he would post an online suicide note & kill himself. *_I wish it was all a hoax, I hoped that it wasn't all real._*

  • Jack K
    Jack K

    How many more lives lost until we become vigilant about metal illness outreach and visibility!?

  • Popular Loner
    Popular Loner

    R.I.H my favorite RU-myr ever😖

  • Doogie H
    Doogie H

    LOL Remembering WHO for WHAT? He posted videos. lol

  • Wavy Jalen
    Wavy Jalen

    What about Cory black youtubers like so racist man😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Robbin Ruben
    Robbin Ruben

    Hey Arnold’s best friend. rip in peace

  • Gerganus ‘
    Gerganus ‘


  • Kim-Jong Orwell
    Kim-Jong Orwell

    You worship this guy for acting crazy then act surprised when he does this. Idiots.

  • Crazed Guy
    Crazed Guy

    *as fellow youtubers react* Jaystation: Oujia board time

  • UncleJokes •
    UncleJokes •

    I never knew Etika but I feel the pain. Kinda like the thing between me and my dead cuz. Rest In Peace T.T , you to Etika.

  • Plush Gang
    Plush Gang

    I don’t even know who he is. Just watching because this is in my recommended.

  • Extreme Destroyer
    Extreme Destroyer

    Really? The two youtubers you showed were fags.

  • IIOwlsII

    Etika was a great man with great content on his channel, etc. It is really sad to see him dead, R.I.P Etika.

  • imagine my shock
    imagine my shock

    *National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (United States)* *1-800-273-8255*

  • Clutchy Clips
    Clutchy Clips

    It’s very sickening that when someone with clout dies lots of fake fans come joining in acting like they knew who he was and watched all his videos

  • Herobrine

    Now I have to live my life knowing that one of my favorite RU-myr is gone and I will never get a chance to meet him😥


    They making cash off his death. James Charles is a real one. He ain’t make no vid or put some hashtag, he just spoke the truth

  • Ryoku Y
    Ryoku Y

    Abstergo was probably in on it.

  • Ryan Fisher
    Ryan Fisher

    I’m ngl I’m only here cause I thought that was myth 😂 R.I.P. though.

  • Tokyo

    OMG I LOVE etika i miss him i hope rests in peace in heaven with x and other famous people rest in peace ETIKA

  • Plug_Beans

    Why do we live just to die.

  • Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes
    Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes

    R.I.P., guy with the funny hair from Kid ‘n Play.

  • The Realest RT
    The Realest RT

    Notice the sign 666 he made! You can’t be friends with the Devil he only comes to still, kill and Destroy! May TMH have mercy on his soul!

  • Hi Friend
    Hi Friend

    He should collab with jah on a new song!

  • Elena Vaquero
    Elena Vaquero


  • Yo Son
    Yo Son

    He wasn't funny to begin with


    WOW really DONT dont care

  • Something IGuess
    Something IGuess


  • Xbox Playzz
    Xbox Playzz

    everyone look up etika im sorry video we all should listen to his last message to us and take it in. RIP Etika💛

  • Askchannel Videos
    Askchannel Videos

    Nintendo has decided to do something to honor etika! Thanks Nintendo!

  • Valentinon Mejiw
    Valentinon Mejiw

    This is so sad.... 😟

  • Maria Chrostowski
    Maria Chrostowski

    So sad

  • sharky

    you guys are scum

  • black dragon
    black dragon


  • *kicks down door* HOLA AMIGOS
    *kicks down door* HOLA AMIGOS

    This was out of no where

  • ygolohcysp

    Too many fakes out here pretending to care just to make a quick buck, undermining the genuine empathizers.

  • Tankmaster2

    This lady's voice is way too happy.

  • G man kool
    G man kool

    this video was done very disrespectfully

  • Thought Police
    Thought Police

    I have no idea who the f*** this guy is nor do I care to know f*** this a*******and why he died

  • ygolohcysp

    “Streets is cold dawg. Same things make us laugh, make us cry.”

  • Onen Dogs and trees
    Onen Dogs and trees

    This video needs to be taken down

  • Kieran Carr
    Kieran Carr


  • Nick Marchak
    Nick Marchak

    Lol “beewgie”

  • Khramos

    This happened before with Chester Bennington. Some people cannot take negativity or trolls on social media, and it leads to a breaking point which content creators simply cannot deal with not feeling respected or loved. Rest In Peace, they deserved much better before their untimely deaths.

  • Cimmy Cole
    Cimmy Cole

    R.I.P 😔

  • jeremy lacasse
    jeremy lacasse

    I don’t think he ever would have expected that this much coverage would have been made about his death, this is just so heartbreaking, Rest In Peace Etika

  • Illu

    the thing is no one even knows this guy 🙄

    • Nate Ortega
      Nate Ortega

      Um yea LOTS of people knows Etika you just don't know him lots of youtubers knows him

  • supreme toilet
    supreme toilet

    God almighty Etika, why did you do this man? I wish you were still here. I wish you could have seen that you were loved. I wished we could have stopped this. I wish you were here to read this. I, and all of your true fans are going to miss you so much. May God bless your soul, your suffering is no more.

  • Rebel Fleet Trooper
    Rebel Fleet Trooper

    God bless him... :(

  • Gabbett Family
    Gabbett Family

    Wow. This feels like a nightmare. He was on of my biggest inspirations. I don't even know what I'm going to do. RIP man. Love you.

  • Pres Tempest速度
    Pres Tempest速度

    I didnt know him but rest in peace

  • The-Doctor

    Haha oof

  • Ivy Yesterday
    Ivy Yesterday

    RU-my must provide behavioral health benefits for Bloggers!

  • Nia T
    Nia T

    Didn't know him until now. But I cant wait until all of the people like nipsey hussle and xxxtentacion is going to dickride him and act like they were day 1 subbies just for the hype...

  • Mr. Peanutbutter
    Mr. Peanutbutter


  • Jonathan-Christopher Bond
    Jonathan-Christopher Bond

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  • joker-chan

    #1 on treading

  • 2 x Ford
    2 x Ford

    I'm waiting for the fake X fans to come in

  • Lucky Shroom
    Lucky Shroom

    You will be remembered in our hearts 😭

  • tackywacktack aka Batman
    tackywacktack aka Batman

    This is wrong

  • omegaguss

    #1 On trending. Good. Even though I didn't watched his videos often. I still hope he rests in peace now.

  • Maverick

    Was he insane? Maby he was but why? What pushed him so far to do this?

    • Maverick

      @Nate Ortega so all guys he did know were a bad influanse on him... or was he just alone?

    • Nate Ortega
      Nate Ortega

      The fanbase, RU-my and I think he said that he pushed many good people away from him. Search it up and it's so sad the fanbase thought oh it's just a fake video and he will come back and then this happened which was shocking man. I'm gonna miss this man, he was popular in Nintendo related stuff and he won't get to see the last 2 dlc characters for Smash Ultimate :(

  • Exfinity

    Edika is alive y is this a video?

  • Nirvan

    want free vbucks like if you agree

  • Publik Channel
    Publik Channel

    Since when has a major entertainment organization like E! News ever cared about RU-myrs? Nothing like profiting off of the dead before the bodies cold, right? 🖕

  • CROW


  • willthepill

    This is Jesus 🚹 He has 5000 more years till he is resurrected Each like is one less year

  • sum_yung_guy

    Good job to YT getting a dedication video to number one on trending, but maybe by someone who really cared

  • trupizza

    He's up there now, reacting to Smash 6. God bless his soul.

  • Vast Horizon
    Vast Horizon

    He was way taller than 6 ft

  • Floppin’ Frogs!
    Floppin’ Frogs!

    Did they take down his channel?

  • Thomas Poole
    Thomas Poole

    This makes me feel Bad because any action could’ve helped etika, a simple hug, a talk with his fans heck I was in Brooklyn If I known earlier and by chance I see a man walking and crying toward a bridge I’m gonna stop and talk to him 😰🤦🏽‍♂️

  • A Five Year Old
    A Five Year Old

    This isnt something you make a reaction video on please you never cared about him til he gets you views

  • NoobMaster 420
    NoobMaster 420

    F to pay respects

  • Nightmare 0914
    Nightmare 0914

    The ouija video was hilarious and a great comic relief that as soon as i saw the title i laughed.

  • Myself andI
    Myself andI

    Who? this guy's popular? for what? Meh.. another dead guy.. oh well.

    • Nate Ortega
      Nate Ortega

      He was popular in the Nintendo side and he was really funny I'm gonna miss him :(

  • J K
    J K

    Is this the influencer that one conspiracy twitter account said was going to die in 2019?

  • Simmo Maylin
    Simmo Maylin

    M.Y.L.L.O (May Your Legacy Live On) noone is immortal, no life lives longest. Cherish your time, bless those around you with joy and love. Give those that are less fortunate a second chance, we are all on this earth for a short amount of time. R.I.P Brother! ✌💙

  • gostkill

    Rip Etika

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams

    Pray for Etika please

  • Kyle

    i thought this guy said he was an alien or something a while ago, am i thinking of the wrong guy?

    • Kyle

      @Jiggly Nutts oh alright, must be thinking of a different person

    • Jiggly Nutts
      Jiggly Nutts

      Kyle he might’ve joked about that in one of his streams on RU-my? I don’t remember. He is part of the Super Smash Bros community delivering reactions to anime and gaming content, personal talk and past issues, and supported his audience with generosity and a genuine tone.

  • Munda Grande
    Munda Grande

    that predict futures account on twitter said a youtuber would pass this year. didn’t think it would be so soon 😢

  • KingKillaMK

    Rip etika 🙏

  • Rubeson DatArtist
    Rubeson DatArtist

    Ok he's dead so is my grandpa

  • DrummerBoyUU

    What about Yoteslaya man. That stuff was really sad.

  • Myles Sasha
    Myles Sasha


  • Deniz

    I just started watched him a week ago 😕

  • adren

    It makes me mad knowing these news people know for a fact that they know not a single thing about etika and are talking about him

  • Chicago Tomahawk
    Chicago Tomahawk

    Uh who?

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