Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing
Unbox Therapy
Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone I've ever tried. The Galaxy Fold is the most futuristic smartphone I've ever tried. How does the Samsung Galaxy Fold stack up against the other flagship devices like Apple iPhone, Huawei Mate X and others? Are foldable smartphones the future of smartphones? Computing devices in general? Enjoy my Samsung Galaxy Fold hands on video.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    Galaxy Fold or Mate X?

    • chan chan
      chan chan

      mate x

    • 떡볶이

      100% Fold

    • Magic XCarmeloPro
      Magic XCarmeloPro


    • Jimmy Jimmy
      Jimmy Jimmy

      Mate x

    • 彼得鹿PeterLuu

      Unbox Therapy mate x!!

  • Trisha Tamura
    Trisha Tamura


  • A Haywood
    A Haywood

    Will you be giving one of those Samsung folds a way.

  • Gael Ruiz
    Gael Ruiz

    rather have an i phone 6 for 150$ than this

  • weeb trash
    weeb trash

    If I was a billionaire I would probably get this but I’m broke asf

  • gaming whith charlie
    gaming whith charlie

    The phone has more ram than my old pc

  • alicebandetstockholm


  • Why did the grandma cross the road?
    Why did the grandma cross the road?

    How do u get a case for this-

  • imaChaser

    It’s just a horrible ideea.

  • DaniDani8Gamer

    Case manufacturers: * Sadness noises *

  • Mark Cebe
    Mark Cebe

    News Alert: Samsung Galaxy Fold reported broken after 1 day of using

  • Nazarov Nikolaev
    Nazarov Nikolaev


  • Kashif Iqbal
    Kashif Iqbal

    Inb4 the comments trolling Samsung for their screens breaking from the covers so easily 🌚🌚🌚

  • homework with Alex
    homework with Alex

    product designers : so what new quirks do we do for the phone samsung : yes

  • xPlicitRaven

    Galaxy F

  • Paul Schmidt
    Paul Schmidt

    didnt talk about the problems samsung is having with this phone...its almost the same impending disaster the galaxy 7 had as it came out...seems to be a trend by samsung to bring not fully developed phones out without doing proper testing on their devices before the official release!!!long story short not my brand of choice!

  • XxNoobsterxX

    If u hold it up to the mic it won’t do anything because we use different phones to we hear differently

  • Nidhogg vom Walde
    Nidhogg vom Walde

    I only want to call my mom... No, you need that super hot shit! Why? Because u do! But why? Are u retarded? No...? But in china you would now be rated as an enemy of the state... OK, now I call my mom!

  • Kenneth Dorrough
    Kenneth Dorrough

    Samsung in 2100: GALAXY ORIGAMI FOLD

  • chris bennett
    chris bennett

    its shit

  • kyle v
    kyle v

    Who are you looking at?

  • Ruby Studio
    Ruby Studio

    Oh look. A folding phone. "Yeah and?"

  • Edible Creations
    Edible Creations

    I will never need another phone OMG 😟😍😍

  • Sagar Kaul
    Sagar Kaul

    Spending 2k to just watch porn on phone ? No Thanks

  • Ryan Pooley
    Ryan Pooley

    Ugh why do I want this dumb thing?

  • Nick Fomula
    Nick Fomula

    It's gonna suck when you drop it and you basically just wrecked a used car. The tech is cool, I can think of a lot of better ways to spend $2000.

  • Denman17

    Sensor that imei on the box :p

  • Jewels By the Sea
    Jewels By the Sea

    1900.00 for a phone?!!!!! ridiculous!

  • Gume Macedo
    Gume Macedo

    That’s one ugly phone...

  • Az A
    Az A

    That box is fuckin with my brain

  • Haddy X
    Haddy X

    None of us really need this junk

  • Bryceanator0210

    Can’t wait for apple to come out with something like this so I can buy it

  • Jerry Harris
    Jerry Harris

    Cool but not Apple I’ll pass

  • DizzleFoSho

    Just think of all the pocket lint n garbage that's going to build up in the middle

  • Farah Ismail
    Farah Ismail

    Serious question: was that the protective layer he wasnt suppose to peel or is there another one? And is it still working today?

  • BBite Beutler
    BBite Beutler

    I don’t see the point of this. The regular screen is to small and the fold part is just to make it bigger. That’s it

  • NayNayTrades

    this guy is da biggest nerd but he making dat p sooo 🤘🏽

  • 许凯文


  • Unknown Bøi
    Unknown Bøi

    Case makers just want to die now

  • Jude Corby
    Jude Corby

    Not to be rude .. you sounds like Rick at Rick and Morty cartoons.

  • Dylan Cantix
    Dylan Cantix

    Am I the only one who cares about what that seam feels like?

  • FourEyed Ape
    FourEyed Ape

    I really wanna see someone flick it open like a clamshell

  • 만수형

    아이폰 팔고 삼성가즈아~!

  • danni rivera
    danni rivera

    Hey jack hook a po boy up!

  • Andres Henríquez
    Andres Henríquez

    What the hell are they doing to the smartphones? :(


    How do you make a case for that

  • Herp Derp
    Herp Derp

    My s10+ has the same ram and processor.... and is less than half that price. No thanks.

  • MONEY MAN540
    MONEY MAN540

    looks cool but when its folded, that display is kinda small and underwhelming.

  • Patrick Arseneault
    Patrick Arseneault

    will be interesting to see how many folds it does before the spine tears off

  • Trey Slinkman
    Trey Slinkman

    How do you put a phone case on that?

  • Justin Ith
    Justin Ith

    It looks Sonja’s tho when it’s folded, it’s way to thick.

  • danni rivera
    danni rivera

    Yeah if you got 2k to drop. I'll stick to under 1k for a phone that becomes obsolete in a year?!

  • ToxicityGaming

    I wouldn't touch this phone at all its uncasable.

  • LilCanadian

    why in the world would u need this?? it’s so stupid looking, how can a SCREEN FOLD?? 🤣🤣this just PROVES why i will NEVER go to android. trust me, even if apple came out with the same, it wouldn’t attract me 🤣

  • violet jackson
    violet jackson

    This is a dumb invention

  • Evan Follman
    Evan Follman

    10:36 just casually sliding $12,000 in phones across the table

  • thetruefinale

    The thickness is ridiculous and it's heavy. Texting with two hands is also not as good as with one hand unless you're actually typing. I'll wait for a few more iterations and choose the brand that does it best. The only thing going for it now is its utility as a tablet in jobs where frequent tablet use is helpful or necessary... I'd still carry a separate tablet until this has a nicer folded form factor, though.

  • Mark Roberts
    Mark Roberts

    I am sorry, that is an awful looking phone.

  • Josh Herrera
    Josh Herrera

    Take the L Samsung 😂

  • Flu

    We r going back on time again 😂 might as well bring the side kick

  • isthatants

    Everyone: how much does it cost? Samsung: yes

  • wickedawesomehede

    "It is real fancy looking" I don't think so tbh.. It just looks bad, beta-test bad.. Give it 2-5 years and this will be the future, maybe.

  • Danni White
    Danni White

    flip phones are back!!


    I hate it

  • Rajeshwari Thapa
    Rajeshwari Thapa

    iPhone is so fucking boring. I regret buying it ugh. $1700 when I could have gotten the S10

  • Quak the Mandalorian
    Quak the Mandalorian

    Kinda looks like a DS when folded

  • Legend

    There’s me thinking we moved on from flip up phones...

  • derek mcculler
    derek mcculler

    I like everything but the folded condition. Looks cheap when folded. Respects to the next generation device though. Very interesting to see what apple does now that they have permission to charge $2000 for a phone. That’s my only complaint though. Is the capability when folded. I’m impressed though that It seems to operate with one hand. Kind of curious though. You almost have to sell it as a tablet first. A tablet phone. Because that’s what it is. A foldable tablet. Now that selling point is interesting. I can justify $2000 for that. But you can’t call it a phone. Interesting though very interesting

  • Ephxx

    I like the idea but the phone looks so fucking bad

  • Randy_bosss

    case? stop dropping your phone Screen protector? this is not a iphone

  • Jay Sandifer
    Jay Sandifer


  • Zhonguoria

    Big deal! It's just another FLIP PHONE

  • pappylyons

    Now I can smash 2 screens at once

  • Poppy Grant
    Poppy Grant

    that is the ugliest thing i’ve seen

  • lcdude513

    You're not supposed to take that screen protector off it's actually part of the screen, that phone gonna be dead by actually probably already is.

  • mojji mojji
    mojji mojji


  • Sanjay Prasad
    Sanjay Prasad

    Nice phone

  • Kostya Uninstall
    Kostya Uninstall

    Расцветки просто пиздос

  • Kit Wilson
    Kit Wilson

    Hate to think what the screen repairs would Cost.

  • lemon

    Can’t wait until the actual phone part becomes more like a phone and less like a temporary place holder seen as most of the time most people would be using it in phone mode

  • [HQX] Hunter
    [HQX] Hunter


  • Guffaw

    I like the idea I wish the “phone screen” was bigger

  • TheGuyWhoIsAustralian

    This just seems like the worst of both worlds.

  • Harrison Diluvio
    Harrison Diluvio

    the screen is sooo fucking tiny it's shit

  • Iltaf Nazari
    Iltaf Nazari

    Who else want to play fortnite on this phone? Only me? Ok

  • Gabi Roworth
    Gabi Roworth

    may as well stickytape an iphone 4 onto a tablet for the same clamshell display

  • Richard Grace
    Richard Grace

    So how exactly do you put this in a protective case so you dont fuk it up🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣

  • garza david
    garza david

    To show u the power of Samsung I folded this phone in half

  • مهند عبد الباري
    مهند عبد الباري

    جولات فاشله

  • Julie Zhuang
    Julie Zhuang

    I don’t need a thousand dollar foldable device I need AirPods.


    I honestly don't give a dam what kind of phone you have. Not my phone, you can have a Nokia for all I care. But I love my Samsung. Never liked iPhone just personal

  • Adam w
    Adam w

    It's a hefty brick... Pass

  • Nocturnal Watcher
    Nocturnal Watcher

    My dumbass will close it too hard it cracks

  • Ninimania

    my dumbass would fold it the other way

  • Justin Loitz
    Justin Loitz

    14k sitting on that table....a new car is sitting on that table

  • Seaflower722

    I knew it flip phones would be back in the future!!! lol😂

  • xhan_e

    Im gonna do it and i'm gonna say it It looks like a DsI when its closed

  • Ban dit
    Ban dit

    I hate Samsung but this is actually pretty cool

  • Zion Johnson
    Zion Johnson

    I thought Apple made the Folding iPhone 6

  • Ander Skor_
    Ander Skor_

    Ugly looking phone

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