Sex Ed for Senators | May 15, 2019 Extended Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
States are passing draconian abortion laws hoping that they squirm their way to the Supreme Court, plop onto Roe V. Wade, and ironically, end the whole thing too early.
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  • Stan Lem
    Stan Lem

    Even the most conservative party in my country wouldn't dare to ban abortions like that, and they are being called far right extremists right now...

  • espy-ninja

    okay let me clear this up for you right now. People want to band abortion because they think the baby is alive at conception Why do they think that? the bible. That douse the constitution say about religion and state? OH RIGHT! SEPARATION OF CHURN AND STATE. Therefore their whole argument is irrelevant because they are making it solely off the idea, from the Bible, that life begins at conception. Religion and state are separate, so they lose all power to there argument.

  • ad0xa

    I love these, but I can't watch more then 3 in a row before I get so depressed over the states current situation that I just kinda wanna mass-kidnap all women and decent people and have them live in sweden instead.... HOW IS THIS EVEN A THING?!?!

  • Karl Kettner
    Karl Kettner

    These same people that freak out over Sharia Law taking over parts of ‘Merica are the same that want the Christian form implemented.

  • Eeriy

    First you dear Americans should think about changing something about your school system if you don't even understand the basic knowledge of how human bodies work. And really, this abortion ban is a step back to the time of (oh so great) Christianity ideals. We have the knowledge, we have quite good methods and we can make this legally without making someone turn to illegal stuff just to solve their problems (And don't forget that illegal things can hurt more because they are not regulated and often not even professionally done). You can think whatever you want but if my body is involved and I know my own circumstances (of why I don't want a kid) I don't think you can stop me. I will find a way around your dumb law eventually.

  • Zelda The Pirate Sim
    Zelda The Pirate Sim

    *e x e c u t e t h e b a b y .*

  • Clothilde

    That Trump speech about newborns being executed. Wow.

  • Ares Walker
    Ares Walker

    american logic: -the government has no right to rule the guns i want to own! -oh, here are the lifes of men and women you government can change permanently by forcing a woman to be pregnant and who cares about what happens to her or to the baby when s/he'll be born.

  • Wunderful

    She went for their throats and I’m living for it

  • Brian Powell
    Brian Powell

    All of these State Senators are prime examples for more abortions.

  • Gauris

    2019 and women still have to fight mis-educated legislators for rights over their own bodies.

  • Jesus Lover33
    Jesus Lover33

    She forgot to mention the part where the fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus is a life

    • Jesus Lover33
      Jesus Lover33

      @Prashant Wason That person that your killing is homosapien, it is scientifcally life, and is it's own being

    • Prashant Wason
      Prashant Wason

      Yeah, but it's not a 'person'. And so has no rights.

  • F_Society15

    This country is going to turn into the Handmaids Tale

  • creature cat
    creature cat

    Trump i dont think so Stupoid bwitch

  • Plain Jane Drawing
    Plain Jane Drawing

    I wish I wasn’t born female

  • Salgexica

    7:25 im just imagining a doctor putting a baby in a guillotine

  • Salgexica

    How have I not seen Full Frontal before?! im cracking up!

  • Mara . O
    Mara . O

    I love this woman

  • Never Had a life
    Never Had a life

    Ok but like if a woman is on birth control and isn’t pregnant who is she aborting, her rights!?

  • Clare Gerads
    Clare Gerads

    This lady is horrid! God help us!

  • Michi Gil
    Michi Gil


  • l a v e n d e r
    l a v e n d e r

    "this shaved ferret"

  • Shelly Rae
    Shelly Rae

    When we allowed the Government into the Doctor’s Office ( Obamacare) it was opening Pandora’s box. It’s only going to get worse. No pain meds for the suffering, no planned parenthood, what’s next no diabetic meds if you’re BMI is high? you gave yourself Cancer from lifestyle choices, so we’re not going to cover treatment. It’s scary and it’s happening!

  • vallory poole
    vallory poole

    You are a disgrace to all women!!!

    • Builder102

      Streay And I thought the left was accepting of everyone

    • Streay

      *says the strait white male*

  • Icy Shadow Cats
    Icy Shadow Cats

    this is f*cking halarious

  • Stephen Shuttleworth
    Stephen Shuttleworth

    If women actually voted in their own interest, none of this would happen. While Ms. Bee might have mentioned this fact on another segment, she didn't mention that the latest bill in Alabama was signed by the female Governor Kay Ivey. In recent polling, men were more likely to support a woman's right to an abortion than a woman. And more women than men think that abortion should be completely outlawed. Quit beating up on only men for this new wave of prohibition, please. We need all the political allies we can get.

    • Bugler55

      lol@voted in their own interest. what an idiotic platitude.

    • Collin

      Stay mad

  • Im On Da Web
    Im On Da Web

    Just smoke and drink during pregnancy

  • Azura Russo
    Azura Russo

    like a wise man once said “conservatives wants live babies to raise dead soldiers”

  • Brenda Dantzler
    Brenda Dantzler

    No wonder they think it’s homicide! They don’t even know how it works!!

  • The Dead Gachatuber
    The Dead Gachatuber

    Why did I read “seniors” and not “senators”

  • Vince Greco
    Vince Greco

    Sure you have this many subscribers and views. You are a pos, no one watches your show yet they keep it in the air 🤔 You’re disgusting.

  • Sally65Underdawn

    I’m just glad I don’t live in America. Even though Australia’s Government is useless at least the politicians aren’t taking away our rights with reproduction

  • Holographic Noodle
    Holographic Noodle

    We are one step closer to The Handmaid's Tale every day, and that's terrifying.

  • hobsdigree2

    I wonder what do most people consider the starting point of life? And why? Essentially when are human rights granted but more importantly why is that point chosen?

  • ellaAngel smith
    ellaAngel smith

    I will simply say that roughly 99% of the 1.3% of abortions that are preformed in the third trimester are procedures that are done to ensure the mother will not die due to issues with the babies development and that is more important

  • Psycho Brothers
    Psycho Brothers

    Do not worry all the accidental babies are gonna be government property

  • Emma For The Win
    Emma For The Win

    I'm terrified dear god

  • Crazy Cooconuts
    Crazy Cooconuts

    Did anyone else think it said for Seniors or is that just me

  • Mike Wilhelm
    Mike Wilhelm

    Time to get a doctorate, so I can set up a Black Market Abortion Clinic

  • x o
    x o

    I was with you until you cretisized burnie. He was clearly saying it should be up until birth. He means there should be a certain limitation on the time. It's sad becaue he supports you, but you're so far up Clinton's bum you would rather destroy him.

  • Lauren G
    Lauren G

    I got a Donald Trump as before this 😂😂😂😂

  • Lauren Woody
    Lauren Woody

    *separation of church and state has left the chat*

  • Lord Keltain
    Lord Keltain

    Ah yes. Limit the pill. Great idea. Because everyone who uses the pill is definitely using the pill to not get pregnant. Never to help with medical issues. (And even if they did PERSONAL IDEALS SHOULDNT AFFECT GENERAL MEDICINE)

  • Lord Felidae
    Lord Felidae

    People should spam email this to every politician.

  • Dawson Lear
    Dawson Lear

    7:17, specifically, infanticide. Something I am pretty sure trump would know about considering how much he talks about *CHINA*.

  • Janise Romero
    Janise Romero

    Are they going to say condoms are also baby killers too ? God people are idiots. Lack of education literally screws everyone up.

  • Kipper Plays
    Kipper Plays

    7:03 Doctor:Ma'am, he has green eyes. Woman: I don't want a kid with green eyes... but I'll keep him. Doctor:He also has a birthmark on his ankle Woman:I think we have to execute him then... That my friends, is an abortion after birth.

  • Angi Tig
    Angi Tig

    Remember the mistresses of the wealthy white politicians will ALWAYS have access to safe abortions.

  • NelsonTheSnailGuy

    I'd be angry about the rudeness if she wasn't right

  • X Pax
    X Pax

    Excuse me i think I am on the wrong earth? Can someone please take me home?

  • X Pax
    X Pax

    Excuse me i think I am on the wrong earth? Can someone please take me home?

  • NB MR
    NB MR

    It’s interesting how senators from a country with the death penalty are so worried about unborn foetuses

  • J Ghoul
    J Ghoul

    Nailed it. Perfectly said Sam

  • Send Nukes
    Send Nukes

    Noooo, Bernie boy, you gotta do your research, man! Come on!

  • Kambria Delaney
    Kambria Delaney

    Some of her points i can agree with a lot more than the rest of what i see on the internet

  • Kambria Delaney
    Kambria Delaney

    4:30 so thats killing people but the aborting future people isn't

  • Still chill Still chill
    Still chill Still chill

    NOBODY actually NOBODY can decide what a girl should do or not do to their body. Everyone should have their own rights

  • Jackie Roberts
    Jackie Roberts

    I hope Alabama men like paying child support. They probably don’t know about DNA either.

  • emcga150

    2019 anti abortion laws are classic communist rules. exactly what happens in a society when public education is defunded and people lose understanding of what communism is and what capitalism/ democalypse is. quasi socialist govermnt rules work around the world. u.s. only country on the planet that does not provide health care for its citizens. drumpf is racist populist using con-news, that's a $400million education at its finest.

  • xxxmadysenxxx Wolfie
    xxxmadysenxxx Wolfie

    Why is aborotion such a huge deal now? I mean I know it’s always been an “issue” but what is it about this point in time that is making all the senators go whack?

  • Patriotic Gaming
    Patriotic Gaming

    My iq has dropped by like 100 by watching this and hahaha the 9 month thing kinda funny cause it does happen and I agree with your last lesson so that’s why they passed the laws

  • BFF DramaQueen
    BFF DramaQueen

    Hands maids tail anyone?

  • Sunisha Pamnani
    Sunisha Pamnani

    Thank you for highlighting that these "anti abortion" laws are actually anti life because they can prove to be harmful to lives of many women with ectopic pregnancy, heart failure, pre eclampsia, infections during pregnancy, placenta previa/abruptio, abnormal attachment of placenta etc.

  • Diane Willson
    Diane Willson

    Nicely said

  • glammer

    I'd struggle to have a problem with you executing senator Buttbaby.

  • Nee Jam
    Nee Jam

    My mind is hurting r8 now, how did they get so far by not knowing these things...or is it old age that is affecting them

  • TawdryTempest

    This should be mandatory viewing for all U.S. Senators, Reps, the Cabinet, and Individual 1.

  • debbie541

    swear the world is going backwards

  • A Wolff
    A Wolff

    Samantha is the most hypocritical, sexist with the same lame repetitive jokes every show she wants equality while always belittling men in general etc. etc.

    • A Wolff
      A Wolff

      @Cristina Bergara dumb people always fall back on insults when their clearly out matched intellectually guess we proved this with Christina right here 🤣

    • Cristina Bergara
      Cristina Bergara

      Ashley East nah I’m okay Bible thumper. I’ve had a long day

  • theicyridge

    The shot at Bernie was a little uncalled for; he has a 100% pro-choice voting record and used the exact same line here that Hilary Clinton did during her campaign. Let's not attack allies just because they didn't correct all the language at once, perhaps?

  • Kaylee Lockheart
    Kaylee Lockheart

    Pro lifers should really read the bible. Numbers 5:20-22 to be exact. God advocates for abortion. Check it out.

  • KaraDoesThings

    27k like hehehe

  • kara O
    kara O

    I don’t know why I thought the title said stoners 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • zuriBqueen18

    As an RN I just wanna smack the facts to these idiots. If we have to keep our religious and personal opinions to ourselves as medical professionals then so should these so called senators/ idiots.

  • WingsOfASong

    I feel like this is the appropriate place to quote one of my favorite late comedians: "Republicans want live babies to grow up to be dead soldiers." - George Carlin

  • Jenna Wood
    Jenna Wood

    Oooooooohhhhhhhh boy this comment section is getting me so triggered! Didn't realize what I was getting into............ I'm about to unleash my inner Ben Shapiro on all these blue-haired feminazis!

    • Ashley East
      Ashley East

      Yesss!! I have been searching all through the comments for someone with some common sense! Hope you have a lovely day 😊

  • lovelyraincoat

    ah, love relaxing in all this shade. i enjoy the sheer anger. me, too.

  • Phillip Rhoades
    Phillip Rhoades

    I think in Trump's case we can authorize an "abortion" up until the 900th week.

  • m e g a n c .
    m e g a n c .

    God I love this.

  • Kibar

    Thank you Samantha Bee for clearing up this issue. I can't believe Hilliary Clinton didn't clear this up during the debate. It seems she thought people were smart! lol

  • Carrie Schmidt
    Carrie Schmidt

    I thought the government wants to keep the population down in America. Sooo let’s keep birth control out of women’s hands. So a man can do what he wants with his body but a woman isn’t given that same right?

  • Gabby Sarvis
    Gabby Sarvis

    #we dont know we're pregnant the second it happens".

  • Ivy Gregory
    Ivy Gregory

    Guys calm down they can just use 4th trimester abourtion it’s called anti vaccination

  • katraj0102

    The politicians really need to consult with doctors before they make these laws and actually make an informed decision before they decide to basically take away partial rights of a woman. It takes two to tango and like Samantha said, sometimes people don’t know they’re having a baby until they’re much further along. What I do with my body is within my own right, ignorant politicians should not be taking that right away from me that many woman in the past have fought so hard for.

  • CoyWolfFox Associate
    CoyWolfFox Associate

    Pro choice are uneducated

  • Shetasen

    Excuse me WHAT?! The Birth control pill is a contraceptive. Why else is it called "Birth. Control"? No egg= no babies. sperm= no babies.

  • Bryan Max
    Bryan Max

    Kanye west: Samantha does not care about being funny

  • Daisy Blue
    Daisy Blue

    Prevent about age 11 or 12 ALL males would have a little snip-snip. That would take care of it. And, about 80 of vasectomies are reversible. Voila! Problem solved.

  • Daisy Blue
    Daisy Blue

    Look at all the conservative men in line to adopt a baby. *looking around* Oh, no. None. Not a one!

  • GeekyKitten

    wow even in my theology class we were told you can't reimplant an ectopic pregnancy....

  • Paul Dana
    Paul Dana

    "God" is the leading character in Hebrew MYTHOLOGY and that's why religions are still the greatest money making scams in history.

  • Elizabeth Harttley
    Elizabeth Harttley

    The willful ignorance is terrifying

  • The Sketching Dork
    The Sketching Dork

    “The pill is an abortion” ??? Excuse me??? Are we living in the 1960s ????

  • Pierre Bengtsson
    Pierre Bengtsson

  • carter

    People actually believe they are murdering babies after birth. This nation is so dumb.

  • Eggs Yes
    Eggs Yes

    I thought the church and state were supposed to be separated...

  • Abigail Swanson
    Abigail Swanson

    Keep in mind that restricting women's access to birth control will also affect sufferers of chronic dysmenorrhea, many of whom are teenagers. I don't care whether these people think that birth control is abortion (it's not). I care that through mental gymnastics, they think it's okay to put literal children in severe pain and discomfort, with no solution available.

  • Lady Nyle
    Lady Nyle

    Did they all fail health class?

  • Dani Vargas
    Dani Vargas


  • Samy Sundararajan
    Samy Sundararajan

    Moving back to India. Women's voices are actually more heard here than in the US.

    • Mel H.
      Mel H.

      Sad but true in many cases. Ugh.

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